my first frogfish– i saw one that had tumbled from its sponge onto the sand. when the divemaster who had shown it to me carefully lifted it back up and placed it onto the sponge again and took his hand away– it DISAPPEARED!! the camouflage was that good.

no worries about this frogfish disappearing– not a chance!! this design took about a year to produce, there were so many volumes and contours to reproduce– it was quite satisfying to finally get it into the mold-making frame

all those splendid textures, volumes and contours are carefully brought to life in this beautiful three dimensional piece, and topped with a special design bale (part the chain runs through)– riveted to allow it to swing and sparkle plenty!! no danger of this piece getting “lost in the shuffle”, my unique frogfish pendant will stand out anywhere!!

we can ship this piece to you anywhere in the world safely and securey via FedEx. shipping to the continental US is $80. if you live outside the US or in hawaii or alaska get in touch for a shipping quote

weight- 8 grams 18KY

dimensions- 7/8″X7/8″X5/16″, 21mmX21.5mmX7mm

price- $750