quite elegant and reminiscent of the work of many famous mexican artists, this simple piece will suit you for everyday use or that special evening with equal measure, quietly demonstrating your taste.

weight– 2 grams 18K gold

dimensions– 1 11/16″X1/4″X3/16″, 4.3cmX6mmX5mm

price– $185

we can ship this piece to you anywhere in the world safely and securely with Fedex. shipping to the continental US is $45. if you live outside the US or in Hawaii or Alaska please just CONTACT ME to get a shipping quote.



smooth and sinuous, almost liquid in its’ “drape”, this gekko bracelet will not only hold your attention, but will garner that of others as well. with a unique special design “frictionless” clasp, this piece is all movement and luxurious detail.

weight- 26 grams 18K gold
dimensions- 11mmX19.5cm, 7/16″X7 3/4″

bracelet options



inspired by several cast gold frogs from the mayan exhibit in a museum in the yucatan peninsula, this frog seems to have a life of its’ own- pull up a lily pad and check it out!

weight- 12 grams 18K gold
dimensions- 24mmX18mmX9mm, 15/16″X11/16″X3/8″
with two 4mm emerald “eyes”

price- $1120



this special golden gekko hangs in a very natural manner, as if pausing for a breath. with two 3 pt diamond “eyes” that glitter and a deliciously strokeable shape, this may become your favorite design ever!

weight- 2.3 grams 18K gold
dimensions- 11X18.5mm, 7/16″X3/4″

price $485



these golden gekkos dangle like their live counterparts– as if defying gravity. add a touch of “light luxury” to your collection with these curvaceous cuties!!

weight- 4.6 grams 18K gold
dimensions- each gekko 11mmX18.5mm, 7/16″X3/4″

earring options



these are hand crafted 18kt gold calla lilies, reminiscent of diego rivera or georgia o’keefe. in spanish, a calla lily is called an “alcatraz”.

Calla Lilies mean, “magnificent beauty” in the language of flowers and if you’re into following tradition on your anniversary gifts, they are the traditional flower of the 6th wedding anniversary.

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