my first frogfish– i saw one that had tumbled from its sponge onto the sand. when the divemaster who had shown it to me carefully lifted it back up and placed it onto the sponge again and took his hand away– it DISAPPEARED!! the camouflage was that good.

no worries about this frogfish disappearing– not a chance!! this design took about a year to produce, there were so many volumes and contours to reproduce– it was quite satisfying to finally get it into the mold-making frame

all those splendid textures, volumes and contours are carefully brought to life in this beautiful three dimensional piece, and topped with a special design bale (part the chain runs through)– riveted to allow it to swing and sparkle plenty!! no danger of this piece getting “lost in the shuffle”, my unique frogfish pendant will stand out anywhere!!

we can ship this piece to you anywhere in the world safely and securey via FedEx. shipping to the continental US is $80. if you live outside the US or in hawaii or alaska get in touch for a shipping quote

weight- 8 grams 18KY

dimensions- 7/8″X7/8″X5/16″, 21mmX21.5mmX7mm

price- $750



i thought that, by putting all my seahorse jewellery into one place, you the customer might be better able to compare all aspects of these wonderful gold seahores– appearance and size, modelling and style for example.
here is a comparison shot showing all three sizes i have in my inventory.

to begin with, my GRAND SEA HORSE– many of my designs feature smoothly realised and refined hydrodynamic lines– but this grand seahorse sports textures a-plenty. realistically carved, with a webby, knurled, almost faceted surface, this curvaceous creature fairly dances wherever it might hang, from the high quality sparkly 10 point (3mm diameter) diamond eyes to the tip of its musical tail. a must for all those who value jewellery that ever seems to be on the move. the glittering sculpted bale with heavy rivet gives it plenty of room to SWING!!
and here’s an idea– this seahorse would make a positively SMASHING pair of earrings– you have only to ask..

weight– 13 gms 18KY

dimensions– 1 11/16″ X 11/16″ X 3/8″, 42mm X 19mm X 9mm including bale

my medium seahorse design is the newest in my line of golden seahorse jewellery– you might like to read “zen and the art of seahorse design, a “the making of” story which will give you an idea of how such things evolve.
this is the most fully “realised” version of the design, with a veritable smorgasbord of detailing to make it come alive. for those of you who might like a finely-sculpted piece of gold to wear, this medium gold seahorse would add so much!!
i’d like to add that this design would make for a serious-looking pair of earrings as well– please ask me for a price if you are interested.

this is my original seahorse pendant, a beautifully designed piece, suitable for a pendant or even a charm hanging on your bracelet– i include views of both sides here.

dimensions– 15/16″ X 11/32″ X 3/16″, 23.5mm X 8mm X 5mm including bale
weight– 2.5 gms 18KY

gold seahorse pendants

but what collection of seahorse jewellery would be complete without seahorse earrings? i just happen to carry some…
these are similar to the small gold seahorse pendant listed above, except that the backs are flat– more like 60% “in the round”. the pair shown here employs hooks, but they are available with posts, posts and nuts, hooks or lever backs should you wish.
as an asidemy small seahorses are probably the most “special order friendly” pieces i have in my collection– i have made a multitude of altered designs, using them in multiples or in combination with other gold pieces or gems. I LOVE special orders and creating something new and unique. please get in touch if you have an idea of your own!!
i can even make a pair using the 3-D pendant version of the small seahorse, just please ask!!

dimensions– 3/4″ X 11/32″ X 3/32″, 19mm X 8mm X 2.5mm
weight– 4.5 gms 18KY

small gold seahorse earrings

i can ship this piece to you anywhere in the world safely and securely with fed-x. shipping to the continental US is $75.00.if you live outside the US, in alaska or hawaii, please just contact me to get a shipping quote



or “there’s a million ways to the top of this mountain”.

a while back some nice person commissioned a medium seahorse– i had long thought this might be a good idea, and a commission was the perfect goad to actually making the attempt. as with any item one wishes to make multiple copies of, the first thing was to make a “master”– something that can be put in a mold to make casting waxes from. one can cut a master using hard carving wax, or model one by building softer wax up to form a design, or “construct” one using sheet and wire wax, or build one of metal, or….. as i say, there are many ways of doing things, and some even involve using several of these techniques.

my first thought was that the tail of the seahorse was going to be the most difficult part– not because the work is too picky, but in wax it would be super FRAGILE– working with broken and repaired wax is no fun at all, and often leaves you with a lesser design. my best bet was going to be to cut the form out of some thick metal and sculpt it into shape.

however, this wasn’t satisfactory either, as it wouldn’t give me the thickness i wanted to give a good volume to the piece. what i finally settled on was cutting the form out of thick silver sheet and applying wax to the surface of the sheet to build it up. however, this method was not totally satisfactory– whenever i got near the volume i wanted the wax stopped adhering to the surface and would fall off, entailing some interesting use of the english language as i cursed and cursed.

so– on to PLAN B– i brought the sheet and wax to as close i could without losing anything and made a mold of that. the mold material is a catalytic latex formula– one mixes two components together and pour it into a frame with the mounted designs within.

when this compound “cures” it looks pretty transparent, and it makes the cutting open of the mold easier– cutting molds apart is a whole art in itself, and sometimes i am confounded in visualising just how to do it, but this one was pretty easy really.

of course, THEN i had to use a machine that holds wax in a molten state, and fill the empty space left when i cut the first design out– it extrudes the wax under pressure, and then you have to wait for the wax to cool and take it out of this mold. BUT– this wasn’t the finished design.

no, now i had to model using soft wax, a wax spatula and a small torch, building up this intermediate wax to a usable form. i then put this new version into the mold frame and made a second mold, which i could use to shoot more waxes. now i could cast the first copy.

here is the piece as it looks, freshly cut out of the cast– you’ll notice the extra “sprues” that connected it to the body of the cast, just like the ones that connected the design to the mold frame. on the right you will see an image of the piece with those parts trimmed off, the bale (part that the chain goes through) properly oriented. looks pretty rough, don’t you think? you’d be right. but many pieces look this way when first cast. it takes a lot of effort to bring the design to a finished form– if you’re lucky you have worked all the bugs out of the design in the initial stages, and for the most part i had. my only glitch was figuring out how to put the karat stamp onto it– it’s in between the dorsal fins at the back of the piece. i hope you like the finished piece as much as i did!!



BETTER & BETTER!! the first in this series was when i created a new juvenile drumfish pendant.it was quite unique, and it remains so– but that just wasn’t enough. i then designed and made a tiny drumfish element. the first thing i used it in was a double dangle drumfish earring set.td 1

a couple of tiny gold rings secured them to the earrings, giving them a wonderful range of motion, and imbuing them with a movement reminiscent of the real thing. the pair pictured has posts, but they are also available with either hooks or lever backs.td 7

i then used my new new “elbow post” to give even a single tiny drumfish on each side that same particular motion. the gold wire seems to disappear, leaving the tiny drummie seemingly dangling in space, winking and glinting.td 5

and of course, i made some simple studs as well– simple and elegant.td 4

i have used all this as a preamble to introducing my new design– the triple tiny drumfish earring set. these earrings bring the design even further along, opening it up.drummie triples

at the same time it continues to preserve that wonderful unique motion. anyone who has seen these lovely creatures in the wild as a group will find my triple drumfish ALMOST as mesmerising as the real thing!! these ones are on hooks, but they are also available with either posts or lever backs.


simple stud– 0.75 gm 18KY, 1/4″X5/16″X1/8″, 6mmX3mmX10mm
w/ elbow post– 0.9 gm 18KY, 5/16″X3/8″X3/16″, 10mmX9mmX4.5mm
double dangle– 2.5 gm 18KY, 1 5/16″X1 1/16″X3/16″, 42.5mmX27mmX4.5mm
triple dangle– 5.0 gm 18KY, 1 7/8″X1 1/16″X3/16″, 47mmX27mmX4.5mm


studs and elbow posts

multiple tiny juvenile drumfish earrings

i can ship these pieces to you anywhere in the world safely and securely using Fed Ex. shipping to the continental US is $50. if you live outside the US or in alaska or hawaii please just CONTACT ME in order to get a shipping quote!!



grand manta rayanyone who has been in the water with these wondrous creatures has to admire their sinuous, dancer-like movement, and i have tried to incorporate some of that feeling into my design. the upper surface is a little textured, giving the piece a shimmery “matte” effect, whereas the underside is soft and creamy, much like the inspiration.grand manta ray reverse

yet another special design bale gives a great sense of movement to the work, looking to lend a sense of majesty to the wearer.

this piece comes from an original commission shown here, a line of diamonds along the crest of the body. a quote for this special design is available upon request.grand manta ray special

majestic manta ray pendant

dimensions– 1 3/8″X 1 5/16″X 1/4″
42mmX 34mmX 6mm

10 gm 18KY gold


we can ship this piece to you anywhere in the world safely and securely using FED-X. shipping to the continental US is $50.00. if you live outside the US or in Alaska or Hawaii please contact me for a free shipping quote



grand eagle ray 1i’d had so many requests for an enlarged version of my eagle ray pendant that i just couldn’t resist– the expanded size has allowed me to add extra detailing all the way around. just like the original eagle ray pendant, i have hung this from the wing, giving it a beautiful “in flight” appearance, the specially designed rivetted bale allowing it freedom of movement to enhance its’ sleek look, ALMOST as good as the real thing!!grand eagle ray reverse

great eagle ray pendant

1 1/4″X 1″X 1/4″
30mmX 25mmX 7mm

7 gm 18KY gold


we can ship this piece to you anywhere in the world safely and securely using FED-X. shipping to the continental US is $50.00. if you live outside the US or in Alaska or Hawaii please contact me for a free shipping quote



grand octopus 1more than a mere expansion of my regular octopus, this work of the jeweller’s art is softly modelled, the tentacles flowing in kicky swirls that refuse to catch in your hair, reaching in all directions.grand octopus reversethe rich detailing of the reverse side and specially designed bale give this piece the look of something ready to make a move of its’ own– better grab it before it gets away!!

grand octopus pendant

1 3/8″X 23/32″X 3/8″
36mmX 18mmX 9mm

9 gm. 18KY gold


we can ship this piece to you anywhere in the world safely and securely using FED-X. shipping to the continental US is $50.00. if you live outside the US or in Alaska or Hawaii please contact me for a free shipping quote



3D trunkie 1the ubiquitous trunkfish– they always look surprised with their big eyes and “ooh” puckered mouth, blowing the white coral sand around. both sides are finely detailed, and each feature a glittery 3 pt.(.03 carat) diamond eye below a bubbly reverse water droplet bale.3D trunkie reverse 1trunkfish double w diamonds, polished (2)this piece originally began with a special order for a “kissing trunkfish” pendant. thinking ahead, i created it in a way that, with a few alterations, i could put this beautiful piece together. price quote for the kissing trunkfish pendant available on demand.

3D trunkfish with diamond eyes

1″X 7/8″X 15/32″
25mmX 22mmX 12mm

11 gm. 18KY gold


we can ship this piece to you anywhere in the world safely and securely using FED-X. shipping to the continental US is $50.00. if you live outside the US or in Alaska or Hawaii, please contact me for a free shiping quote.



sumptuous and full of fine detailing, these earrings have a grace and refinement reaching back to spanish treasure and sailing galleons, while retaining an almost modernist approach to design.

weight– 11 grams 18K gold

dimensions– 1.5″X11/16″X3/32″, 38mmX17mmX2.5mm


we can ship this piece to you anywhere in the world safely and securely using Fedex. shipping in the continental US is $45. if you live outside the US or in Hawaii or Alaska, please just CONTACT ME to get a shipping quote



this character has been floating around in various stages of design and devellopment for some time, but now it has become reality. “standing” on its’ tail in a happy posture, and supported by a special-design rivetted “waterspout” bale, this one is going to jump right into your heart!!

weight– 9 grams

dimensions– 1.5″X3/4″X3/8″, 4cmX1.9cmX1cm

price– $780

we can ship this piece to you anywhere in the world safely and securely with Fedex. shipping to the continental US is $45. if you live outside the US or in Hawaii or Alaska, please just CONTACT ME to get a shipping quote



a smaller frogfish, but just as appealing, for a more petite flavor

weight- 3 grams 18K gold
dimensions- 17mmX5mmX14mm, 21/32″X3/16″X9/16″

price- $270



the eagle ray is one of the most graceful animals in the caribbean, looking like a sailing ship or its’ namesake, the eagle, as it moves majestically against the current. it has a simple grace and majesty when worn on one’s wrist as well.

weight- 14.5 grams 18K gold
dimensions- 12mmX18.5cm, 1/2″X7 3/8″
9 eagle ray links and lobster claw clasp

bracelet options



in full flight mode, as if gliding along a caribbean reef, this eagle ray is simply elegant. bring a touch of this tasteful caribbean elegance into your life

weight- 1.5 grams 18K gold
dimensions- 12mmX17.5mm, 1/2″X11/16″ including bale

price- $150



Pufferfish are almost like seeing two different fish. When he’s deflated, he’s a round, curious little fish. If he’s scared or feeling territorial PUFF! and he’s huge – this piece of jewelry depicts a puffer doing what he’s known for in beautiful 18kt gold.

See details on this piece here



This drumfish pendant was crafted to highlight nature’s exotic design in this beautiful fish. It just flows in 18kt.
See more details on this drumfish pendant here



Sea turtles are one of nature’s most beautiful creations and now you can wear that beauty all the time with this beautiful 18kt gold pendant.

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The Trunkfish is a common sight for divers and a favorite to seek out for photo ops. Why not keep a little bit of the Caribbean magic with you even when you can’t dive and have a trunkfish close by as a pendant?
We just added a handcrafted gold pendant to our store – this will make a perfect gift for the favorite diver in your life. See more details here



Now this is unusual. Squid are one of the nature’s most perfect designs and they make a wonderful work of art as a jewelry piece.

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Ever seen a toadfish?
They are unusual and everyone should see one in their natural habitat at least once.

This toadfish is detailed and crafted in 18kt gold

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The octopus is actually a very clever creature. In many cultures they are symbols of storms and the power of the ocean.
Bring those traits to your next jewelry choice with this hand crafted octopus pendant.

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Bet you didn’t think a Grouper fish could be beautiful, but when it’s crafted in 18kt gold it certainly is.

We have a hand crafted Nassau Grouper in 18kt gold, the piece can be hung from a casual cord or use a gold chain of your choice to jazz up the look of this exotically unique piece.

See details on this jewelry piece here



Whale sharks are huge but gentle creatures and if you’ve had the chance to dive with one – it’s an experience you’ll never forget as long as you live.

If you want to keep the joy of once diving with a whale shark or the hope that you will on one of your dives, enjoy this hand-crafted 18kt whale shark pendant – see the details on this unique piece of jewelry here.



Pufferfish are a lot like bumblebees in many ways. With their rounded bodies (which become even more round when they puff up!) and their small rounded fins – they don’t look like they would be very efficient swimmers – but they are. They can easily maneuver around divers and get a good look but still able to stay out of reach.
This puffer is crafted out of 18kt gold and has diamond eyes – you can see more views of this fun pendant here.



Looking for something super cool for the diving fanatic in your life? Give them something different : an 18kt hand crafted Frogfish pendant.

This is a very detailed piece – you can see larger images and more details here.



This is a fantastic pairing of gold and diamonds in one gorgeous, hand crafted bracelet.

You can see the full description, weight and carat of the diamonds used in this piece here