grand manta rayanyone who has ever been in the water with these wondrous creatures has to admire their sinuous dancer-like movement, and i have tried to incorporate that feeling into my design. the upper side is a little textured, giving the piece a shimmery “matte” effect, whereas the underside is soft and creamy, much like the inspiration.grand manta ray reverse

another special design bale gives a great feeling of movement to this work, looking to lend a sense of majesty to the wearer.grand manta ray special

this is another design that began with a special commission, shown here– some diamonds lining the crest of the body. a quote on this special version is available upon request

mighty manta pendant

1 3/8″X 1 5/16″X 1/4″
42mmX 34mmX 6mm

10 gm. 18KY gold


we can ship this piece to you anywhere in the world safely and securely using FED-X. shipping to the continental US is $50.00. if you live outside the US or in Alaska or Hawaii please contact me for a free shipping quote

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