BETTER & BETTER!! the first in this series was when i created a new juvenile drumfish pendant– it was quite unique and it remains so, but that just wasn’t enough. i then designed and made a tiny drumfish element. the first thing i used it in was a double dangle drumfish earring 1

a couple of tiny gold rings secured them to the earrings, giving them a wonderful range of motion, and imbuing them with a movement reminiscent of the real thing. the pair pictured here has posts, but it is also available with either hooks or lever 7

then i used my new “elbow post” to give even a single tiny drumfish on each side that same particular motion. the gold wire seems to disappear, leaving the tiny drumfish seemingly floating in space, winking and 5

and, of course, i made a single stud version as well, simple and 4

i have used all this as a preamble to the introduction of my new design– THE TRIPLE DRUMFISH EARRING SET!! these earrings bring the design even further along and open it up.drummie triples

at the same time it continues to preserve that wonderful unique motion. anyone who has seen these lovely creatures in the wild as a group will find my tiny drumfish ALMOST as mesmerising as the real thing!! this pair is on hooks, but it is also available as a post or a lever back.


simple stud– 0.75 gm 18KY, 1/4″X1/8″X5/16″, 6mmX3mmX10mm
w/ elbow post– 0.9 gm 18KY, 5/16″X3/8″X3/16, 10mmX9mmX4.5mm
double dangle– 2.5 gm 18KY, 1 5/16″X1 1/16″X3’16”, 42.5mmX27mmX4mm
triple dangle– 5.0 gm 18KY, 1 7/8″X1 1/16″X3/16″, 47mmX27mmX4.5mm

studs and elbow posts

multiple tiny juvenile drumfish earrings

i can ship any of these pieces to you anywhere in the world safely and securely using Fed EX. shipping to the continental US is $50. if you live outside the US or in alaska or hawaii, please just CONTACT ME in order to get a shipping quote!!

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