diving day– had some marvellous tankage yesterday. only two clients and easy divers, we went out and did a part of colombia reef known as “la piedra grande”– the big stone. this refers to a large scale seamount, huge areas of wall, rivers of sand in between. the water was very clear and the current mellow, and the big old sun was shining down through the water. dropped in and did some wonderful deep swim-throughs, cathedral-like, the light shining through the cracks in the reef resembling stained glass in all the profusion of colors. exiting one of the last tunnels we dropped down below a ledge around 110 feet to check out a large green moray in the overhang. large schools of fish inhabit this little point, moseying around and jockeying for position one against the other.

we slowly came up alongside some creases in the reef, inspecting some large turtles as we went along, big elongated puffer fish trying to look innocent, and groupers on their way to somewhere else. the reef really brilliant with all the colors giving out their best. more turtles, this time smaller ones, almost lost in the corals, munching away on their favorite sponges.

there would be more turtles again, but first we had to cross the sand into the area known as “tortugas”– turtles, another site along colombia, but under a rock and deep beneath the reef we first saw two sharks, nurse sharks, laying next to one another.

second tank was on a place we know as “the mountains of dalilah”– one finds this site by dropping in on the last part of the reef called “dalilah”, and making a turn to go in between some rolling hills, full of life and often full of current as well, but it was mellower than usual yesterday. absolute turtle city, this time, we may have seen fourteen or so during the dive– all types, the usual hawksbills but also a small loggerhead, a real treat. bunches of large parrotfish as well, both the midnight variety and also the stoplight. there were a lot of schooling fish as well, and we came across another pufferfish, smaller than the one we saw on the first dive. and another shark as well, lazy in the lee of a little ridge, but the best sight we found was a thumbtack-sized juvenile drumfish diaphagnous and etherial. with the help of some wonderful light and such a lot of color we all had smiles upon our faces when we exited the water.

as we say in cozumel– “it was just another day at the office!!”

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