so much for hubris– in my last blog i mentioned not being concerned with indentation of paragraphs and such– normally i just give a few bonks on the space bar to show where one leaves off and the other begins– however, it seems as if the computer gods have made their presence felt here, and so i guess i shall just follow along lemming-like and punch “enter” once or twice to give a little distance.
back outside into my sculpture studio again. it had been way too long for my taste, but things are always intruding– so-called “real life”, which at times i consider highly overrated. not only that, but i was delayed by some stuff and so got out there later than the norm. still worth it? you bet. this piece is so far along that i am working muchly in small areas, adjusting lines and adding some detailing. since it had been a little while– a week or two– i decided to work on something small and stressless, just to dunk the toe into the water so to speak. if you check out the first blog you will be able to see about where i was working. the right leg of the upper figure is supported by a “stone” that projects up from what i call the “matrix”– the base more or less, although it is an integral part of what i am trying to render here. anyhow, to give the stone a little movement, like a loose tooth in a gum, i am working on the base, creating a dip and a wave that i think makes it look a little unbalanced, and i achieved something i had thought might be past possibility. there is almost no room in between the stone and the right leg of the lower figure, no room to get an angle with the chisels or the hammer, and there is an area in there that seems quite impossible to reach. i have basically been “gnawing! at it, using the chisels in an oblique manner, and not seemingly getting anywhere, but there was a moment today when it all got done– almost!! but it is there, and reachable if i do it just right, using one of my chisels i cut short, specially for areas like the one in question.
doesn’t make it easy though– there are many blotches of brownish red on the marble in there, spots where the constant chafing has drawn blood. the first time it hurts like the dickens, but the second time it hurts even more. however, a sculpture is held together with blood and saliva and sweat it would seem– at least i spill copious amounts of all of these fluids upon the stone, and always have. of course, back in colorado where the air is so much drier there was considerably less sweat….
all this and eyes full of stone dust. i have tried using goggles, but they don’t work well– sweaty and all the fine dust adheres to the lenses and makes them opaque quickly. cleaning the lenses scratches them, and you are back at square one, so i have gotten used to having eyballs a little irritated. occasionally, when i don’t blink properly or in a timely manner i might even get a real blast, occasioning my walking around the studio like a blind man. it’s part of the deal i suppose, and i am content with it.
mayhap i shall be out there again tomorrow– i have some clients arriving in town today, not sure if they want me to guide them tomorrow or if they will take the first day off– guess i shall just have to wait around and see.
sorry, no photos today– i need to bring my computer in for some servicing, so will double up the next time– and that is all for today, my invisible audience rance

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