it had been a week since i had worked on my sculpture, as i had been diving every day, and a head full of nitrogen is not too condusive to working on such a fragile piece– just like a doctor, my motto is– “first, do no harm….”

and so it was with some anticipation that i got out into the carport yesterday and addressed the chunk of marble i have out there. as the days progress towards summer the sun comes at it from a different direction, and there was one small band of light that made the crystals in the stone sparkle, very nice.

put some bob dylan on the boom box– “the basement tapes”– something nice and mellow to give me a chance to regain my feel for the piece– and i continued along with cutting on what i call the “matrix area”, the part that forms the base for the piece, but which i envision as a plastic non-linear substance upon which the lowest figure is resting. once more i cut stone on the membrane– the surface that the body is laying upon, which i want to seem to be somewhat modulated and vaguely puddled, a sticky substance that supports and cushions the figure. lots of fine work in there, where there is not much room to get the chisels, so at times it is slow indeed, with much skin scraped. this time i was on the front side of the “big stone”, upon which the foot of the upper figure rests, and bringing my galleries of chisel cuttings in towards the waist area of the lower. long cuts, and needing to have one pretty much blend in to the next. where the body separates from this membrane in here i want it to look very sticky and adhering to the undercutting, the back muscles occulted by the matrix as it attempts to escape and break free. listening to some jeff beck by this time– “flash”– the energy of his playing causing my chisels to jump and spray stone dust all over the place, including my eyes. cutting now on the front of the membrane, between the lower figure’s legs, and giving the buttock area some extra depth, forming some small depressions where the buns push down, puddling out the matrix.

finally, there is an area between the almost vertical sides of the matrix and the upper surface– an undulant band that follows the contours of the piece, forming a sortuv frame for the piece. in the end i think it will be one of the most polished parts of the piece. most of the matrix will have some sort of texture to it, but this will be an ever changing and flickering shininess, and here i had the chance to do some real hard cutting, the chips really flying as i took off quite a bit of stone. for this i selected some social distortion– “live at the roxy”– and proceeded to put my heart into it, losing some skin and blood in the process, the face covered with stone dust and my eyes rimmed with crystals– i played “ring of fire” three times over to complete what i had to do out there, totally spending myself.

still no pix, sorry, but will soon remedy this situation– til later rance

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