not sure if i have used this photo i put in above, but it certainly loaded quickly.

i was out to dive once again a couple of mornings ago– the currents have been a little wacky at times of late. on this particular morning we ended up doing santa rosa wall– but in reverse!! the current strong and a little to the outside, but we managed it all right. always odd to see the reefs in this manner, at times it is like seeing it for the first time once more, but there was enough familiarity that i could still predict where we were to arrive at next. we ended up doing almost all of the tops of cedral wall as well, seeing a lot of green moray eels, perhaps three or four of them, a large amount of turtles, including one green turtle (most of what we see are hawksbills here, and the occasional loggerhead), and plenty of sharks, as well as a tiny drumfish in a hot water spring to be found on cedral wall, in amongst all the yellow grunts that hang around this little vent.

but the real excitement came when we dropped in to do punta tunich. the current was once more running backwards, so we chose our dropoff carefully, and arrived on the wall about where we had wanted, but there was a lot of current– not truly fast, but very strong, and heading out and down along the wall. we had to start bringing people over to the inside to escape the rush, and i can remember thinking that this was what sir edmund hillary felt– it was like clawing my way up the side of a mountain, with snow flying everywhere– except this was coral sand whipping by. lots of huge turtles out there in the current though, and the divers had trust in the divemaster and all went well. we got to the inside and found a bunch of lionfish in there, these creatures are currently invading the area, no natural predators to be found and a voracious appetite for other fish. quite beautiful, but deadly to other sea life, plenty of divemasters are killing them or capturing them, and there is some interest in making lionfish ceviche, although i have yet to have tasted it.

well, all was well that ended well, and everyone got back up on the boat happy as clams. i think that, well after they have forgotten most of the diving they did this week past they will remember the snowstorm on punta tunich.

and yesterday spelled the last day of diving for perhaps a week and a half, unless i receive a call. this meant that– happy day!! i could get out and work on the marble today, and i really put in the hours. four long shifts, and i made an impact. i have a lot of important things to do, including an emergency payment on my fideicomiso (part of owning property within x kilometers of the ocean for non nationals), but c’mon, i can’t just let it go another day without getting out there. it was worth it as well.

i worked almost exclusively on the central figure, the area of the face and torso, where the hands intersect with all this “plastic” merging. i include a couple of oddly-angled photos here, taken from above, but the areas i worked upon are not so apparent, for the most part. the work i did on the face was mostly around the eyes and mandibular area. i sketched in eyes, but only as a suggestion. the urge is to bring too much detail to these elements, but the central figure is meant to be something in transition, the pressure from the other figures’ hands altering it and shaping it, squeezing the plastic stone and giving it form and shape, its’ creation a product of the two natures of the artist. it was a great day of work out there in the sunshine.

tomorrow is the trip to cancun to make payment on the fideicomiso, but it is leavened by the fact i shall be able to scarf down some great curry at an east indian restaurant i know of there. wish me luck, i come back and return to one of my studios come thursday.

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