“WHO IS NUMBER ONE?” well, i don’t expect many people to get that obscure referrence, but i have so very few times in which to use it, so i grab it when i can.

diving a lot this week, full of sharks and turtles and green moray eels, all very good stuff. had one day off with a meltdown, too many days in a row of diving and not sleeping well, so sat and watched four movies while sitting on the couch all day long. anybody who knows me well will have difficulty in believing that, but it is true.

today i had another rare day off and so was able to get out into the studio and work on my sculpture once more. did yet more work on the matrix area of the lowest figure, made some good progress, but then alluva sudden i was working on the upper figure, cutting the detailing on the back of the neck and shoulders, where the head connects up with the body. really, i had no intentions of working there, but it just happened, and perhaps this is a good omen, that i am fulling my energy up with the “big spark”, where i really go to town on things for a while. i have been doing the lower matrix area, as i have been searching for some inspiration on where exactly to go from here. everything is at such a point now that i have to be extremely careful not to make a mistake, and even the ordering of what i do becomes of more than trifling importance. it would be good to get back onto the upper figure once more and make a good run there, as it is the most fragile part of the whole rube goldmanesque structure, so best if it gets finished up first and i can move on to the more stable and supported elements. anyhow, my judgement felt sharp and almost molecular there for a while, boding good things for the near future when i will have a little extra time.

and then there is “the painting”. last december i was contracted to paint the wall in the newly renovated garden area of guidos, a very important local eaterie. i wanted to open up the area by giving it a lot of space and roominess, and so chose a “view” of the island’s captainia, the port captain’s building. i say a “view”, as i have chosen certain elements of it and i also reversed the image to put the ocean on the side of the painting that would most open up the space. i worked on it every extra minute i had, and achieved in a couple of months something that was approacing greatness.

then some disasters hit. a hard vertical rain that caused some areas of recently applied paint to blister up somewhat, so i suspended work on it until a small protective overhang could be built. it has still to be done, as they are still doing the renovation of the other parts of the upper story. albaniles– masonry workers– plastered the wall above it and dripped the cement water all over it, the water containing lime, a weak acid, that put streaks all through the piece, and since i have been unable to finish the work the sun has also been brutalising it. i have a sealant for when it is all over, but that seems a little far away up til now. now. this may sound like major whineage– however it is not intended as such, but rather as preface for what comes next in the story.

while i was walking by the ocean this morning, as i am wont to do on non-diving days, i saw that the construction looks close to finished, and so i am slowly getting wound up again on what i shall have to do. there will be what is known in the trade as “a buttload” of work to be done on it, repainting all around i suppose, but i am determined that it will not only approach what it once was, but it shall surpass it

i did the same thing once with a painting i had hanging somewhere. along came hurricane wilma and it was the one piece of art they forgot on the wall. ripped badly, sprayed by filthy water and left in the floodwater. it took months to bring back to life, but such things can be done if the feeling is there.

but wish me luck just the same, i may be of need of it!!

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