at least that is the current count, although perhaps it would be more accurate to say two and a half dolphins, as the third is still “under construction”, as they say. i cut a second dolphin wax and was going to use it– until i woke up the next day and took another gander at the sucker, at which time i became a lot less eneamored of the beast. so today i took out yet more wax and did a little redesigning and began again.

i think that one of the problems is that i don’t have so much personal familiarity with dolphins– while i have been cutting other marine animal waxes i have always had the opportunity, should i be having a problem with some detail, to take a good look at the real thing from fairly close up– it’s amazing, all the odd shapes and details that animals have that you wouldn’t think of, but there it is if you look close enough. now, dolphins, at least in this area, are not too particular about coming close to divers– i have seen them from a little distance, but they are apt to move away quickly when they hear the bubbles. there WAS one time, a magical day it seemed, when we were doing paso de cedral, and our boat captain enticed a pod of dolphins to ride his bow wave, and then cruised in circles, bringing them over top of us THREE TIMES!! first we would hear their excited squeeking, then they and the boat passed above us like wonderful flying beings– not bad!!

but this has meant i have to pore through books, trying to translate the flat pages into three dimensional form. the “pose” i am looking for is one with the dolphin standing upon its’ tail, with the back arched, and this foreshortening is kicking my butt. so far this third one is definitely the best of the bunch, except i am not fond of the line of the mouth, it looks a little sneaky– should this one be “the one”, i may elect to just work it in the gold after casting. i didn’t have as much time to work on it as i would have liked today, i had to deal with the real world outside my house, but i may just get back into that airless jewellery studio again tomorrow and do battle.

well, tomorrow turned into today, and back at it i went. at times i was a little depressed with it, as i struggled to bring some life into the piece, but suddenly there came a time when i realised that things seemed to be going very well indeed. it took about an extra four hours today to get it done to the point shown in the photo. the pieces of pink wax in this and the picture before are applied sheet wax, and i shall be working on these when it is all cast up– dorsal and side fins. in reality, the dorsal fin is not seen in the posture that i have cut, but once more we have the difference between reality and perception– i think it will show out well like this. if not i shall just have to saw the part off and go from there. i really liked cutting the flukes– they turned into an interesting formation of themselves. my new gold shipment arrives in a few days, but i shall have to cast and finish up two eagle ray bracelets before i can get to the dolphin– i sold one bracelet and have another on order, so will make one to bring the inventory up as well. this will give me a little time in which to look at the wax again and again and again– mayhap there is something i missed. can’t wait to see this one cast up and finished, hope that it will show out as well as it looks right now.

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