flowersor “from here to there and back again” to plagiarise a famous author. i guess i should also adend that with the note that this is really “take 2”– i got about 600 words into the first attempt before i just gave it up, unhappy with my results. i pray there is no need for a “take 3”!!

anyhow, this is the saga of my trip to colorado a couple or three weeks ago. my almost daughter lanice was getting married, and she and my great friend charlie flew me up there to shoot the fete– talk about a great turn of events!! i hadn’t seen either of them in about ten years, and it was WAY TOO LONG A TIME!!

this blog is also about friends, specifically mine, and how lucky i feel to have them in my life. i am blessed indeed to have so many friends.

i flew into denver and was picked up at the airport by diana, another great friend, and after dropping my stuff off at her place we first caught the light rail line,light rail,denvera relaxed ride to the sushi den, where we gorged our ecstatic faces on sashimi and sushi, i washing mine down with cold sake and she with warm. it had been a long time since i had eaten something so mouthwatering and i enjoyed every minute, the conversation included, and we trundled out of there a tad tipsy but replete.

next morning and chris, the son of lanice’s aunt bonnie, picked me up and we took the scenic ride up into the hills and mountains, en route to salida. now, salida had never really been a destination to me, it was merely a place i might have passed by or through on my way from vail to santa fe or albuturkey. it was always small and dumpy, but in the last little while it has turned into somewhat of an artist mecca– it is all over this town, people being creative and not caring who knows it. i saw a lot of interesting stuff while i was there– not all of it i liked, but at least it wasn’t middle of the road and bland.

and so we arrived at lanice and sonny’s spread, a beautiful piece of property. i got out of the car, now the “photographer of the moment”, only to be glommed onto by a dude sporting almost shaved sides and blond dreads. he said– “you guys look like light hangers– get to work!!”. so much for fame. and so we worked for a while, putting stuff up and helping out. finally it was all over though, and i could walk round the place. behind the house, they were growing hops, enormous cabbages and the like. the sun was finally shining and it was at that moment i finally saw lanice, coming up the walk with sonny.rehearsal 13sortuva kerouac moment really, but strange in that i wasn’t the one dressed a la vagabond. what a wonderful woman she had grown up to be!! and a poignant moment indeed. sonny was calm and full of good energy, and there was a big ball of what i can only call love between them. after the usual tears and such chris and i got into his car and went in search of charlie and bonnie, who were over to the camp ground. little did i know it, but i would be out there that night.charlie n me 3

charlie, father of lanice, came to me in the distant past, the magical time i lived in new mexico, and santa fe in particular, those halcyon days in the early 70s before the current glut of population hit it. busy beyond belief during the summer, but almost empty and deserted in the winter, and my days there have a golden glow to them. maybe i should write a blog about those wondrous days– food for thought, anyhow. bonnie was also one of the charismatic characters populating the little adobe town at that time– she was the one barging in when i had my first kiss with the woman i was later to marry… anyhow, those blue eyes in that photo belong to charlie the brown ones to me. i’d include a shot of bonnie here, but none of them do her justice.

and so it was back to the homestead for charlie and myself, bonnie and chris continuing on to the campsite. suddenly there were more people there, and i spent my time stalking lanice and sonny, shooting casuals as they discussed “the plan” with the woman who was going to marry them. her name slips my mind at the moment.rehearsal 16but finally the behemoth got off it’s butt and the official rehearsal began. it was a little bumpy there, and i really wondered how well the whole thing was going to come off when it came time for the real shebang to begin. the day had turned a little gloomy and people were not at their most able– no budding nureyevs to lighten everybody’s feet, but after a while we all got through it just fine and it was time for dinner.

i think i am going to close this one out for now, and continue with another episode on another day, as this is getting pretty verbose already– no sense having my audience face down and snoring in their spaghetti, right? if you’ve made it this far, i thank you kindly– it only gets more exciting from here!!

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