rehearsal 34the morning of the wedding. i woke up in a tent, smelling of woodsmoke. first time camping in some years– i was a little cold, but sweaty for some reason. slowly that sun came out and we all got up and started a fire and had some coffee and warmed up a little bit. beautiful setting, and i wish i could put a different photo of that site here, but they are all enormous files and this program seems to crap out at around 12 MB– still and all, chris and sam at the table talking. the rest of us down by the fire, but soon enough we all had to pile into the cars and head back to the ranch to get the day started. i shot pix of the gardens, the hops plants, cabbages etc, the light great and powerful, and as people began to arrive i shot casuals of everyone wandering around and chatting. mostly dressed in “mufti” as of yet. many of these shots turned out splendidlywedding 7 as i experimented with finding where the light was going to be come afternoon and “show time”. the time passed, and finally i decided it was time to look round for the bride– she was up in the hills someplace, getting dressed. i caught a ride with the lady who was going to marry the couple, and we bumbled around wrestling with the directions we had been given, but by hook or by crook we finally made it to the 33 the view was on high, one of those great coloradan views, and inside the house the mood was informal and upbeat as lanice had her hair done. everyone upbeat and semi-excited, and READY TO GET THIS BLOODY SHOW ON THE ROAD!! finally, lanice slid into the bedroom to don her trouseau and i shot images of the people in the 36

and then the door to the cocoon opened and out stepped a very beautiful butterfly, pretty enough to make me catch my breath. things began happening quickly after that– house cleaned up and sealed and all of us into vehicles and travelling back down the hill for the wedding. a final stop to find a calm moment, all of us together and praying for the wonderful.

and it happened. what had seemed clumsy and ragged and bumpy the day before smoothed out and went just the way it should have. what a wonderful event, with everyone there and feeling the energy. the light poured down like honey and we all could feel the love in the air– to disagree with larry niven– “sometimes the magic DOESN’T go away, it comes and it stays right where you want it.

after the event i was busy busy busy with shooting all the formal– and informal– shots that are a prerequisite to things like this, the new couple patient and happy. how many times can one put a sincere smile upon one’s face? i think we stretched the limit. however, it wasn’t always 219

meanwhile a bunch of people i hadn’t seen in a decade or so had shown up– many of them from my time in the distant past at the golden bear– and were buzzing around, and even though i was a tetch busy i was happy indeed– i am so blessed to have so very many good friends, and the opportunity to be able to reconnect at this time.brendan 11

after this it was party time

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