intervalelection day here on the island of cozumel– i tried to write this blog yesterday, but i bored myself with the prose, so here i go again!!

i had wanted to begin this piece with a great shot of the malecon i took yesterday morning, but the file is too big, so i am trying to set the mood with this older pic instead. it was a beautiful morning as i plodded my way out to puerto de abrigo, where i did some photography of some light poleslight poles, puerto de abrigolaying in a stack there– it’s always amazing what one comes across in the oddest of locations.

walking back in the soft light of the still early hours i found groups of locals all getting together, putting food and drink into coolers– election time is much more a social event here than it is in other places– people vote en masse as it were, and make a morning or half day of it.

when i got back home i took almost no time at all to get down to the work i had planned– shooting proper photos of the new painting in the nice soft ambient indirect light of the early morn. up til now this piece had a working title of “flowers”– nothing special, i know– but several people had told me that these flowers were morning glories, and when i looked them up online they did seem to be the same flower, so in the end i am calling this piece “morning glory”, and i just hope that nobody comes out of left field to inform me that after all this i have been wrong!!morning glory 2013 acrylic 23X60

i would have been finished this piece a little earlier, but i had about a week of very welcome work last week– two small groups, first the family dubb (mom d-dubb, dad p-dubb, son j-dubb and after a while myself, honorary r-dubb). we had an excellent week of tankage, the only fly in our collective ointment the flu that worked its’ way through the multi-family gathering they were part of, laying j-dubb low and even bringing down d-dubb for one day. she was quite the trooper though, and came back fast despite not feeling totally 100%– I SALUTE YOU, D-DUBB!! and a tip of the do-rag to boot!!

the other divers were two brothers, also from texas, and it was super gratifying to see their skills improve day to day, extending their bottom times and having a general gas– you two guys were all right!! the diving was excellent and we saw a lot of fish. they went off to isla mujeres towards the end to see the whale sharks, and i hope it was all that we made it out to be.whale shark

so the week finally came to an end, i finished things up and shot the pix– now what?? well, i am returning to my jewellery studio now, toiling away in the airless confines of same. i cut some waxes to cast, and put others together into the flask, and my plan is to do the casting tomorrow. then there will be yet more hot and sweaty work to be done before i get to go out and dive this weekend.

busy bee, me

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