flowers 36i crawl on my belly like a reptile…. i sometimes wonder what people would think if they could see me at work on my stuff– when i work on my sculpture, of course, i sometimes drool– at least, if my concentration is sharp enough. but this week of painting has been intense, and i have sudden flashes of reality– me standing above myself looking down– at this creature who is making odd sounds and mumbling incoherently, barking, whining and growling like some cerberus released from the 45i open my mouth to hear a variety of sounds, mostly whistling, shrieking on occasion, popping my lips to the rhythm of some long forgotten drum track, imitations of actors from old movies, channeling anything and everything like a hammy medium high on a whole box of pot brownies– what was that stuff, and can i get any more? then suddenly the pass of paint i am putting down is over and i collapse onto a chair, a perfect puppet laid low by cut strings. i’m still mumbling though, and what i am saying comes as a complete surprise to me, the listener. shades of “fear and loathing in las vegas”…flowers 54anyhow, this last pic is not quite a current one, it is just the most current one i have put through my photo editor– there are more in the camera, but i just got a burst of energy telling me to write while the poker is hot, to mix a few metaphors. like i said, it was an intense day of painting, and i think i shall have a little more time tomorrow morning to paint as well, but will have to pick up tanks for an afternoon checkout dive with some clients– then it looks as if i may well have a full week of diving to do, so i shall get a little rest before howling and snorting sounds issue from my windows again…. see you then

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