2013 6is what many people were thinking that the mayan calendar running out meant– much like so many proposed that the year 2000 would signify the crashing of most computers. as for me, i subscribed to neither of these views– BUT!!– i felt compelled to try to finish up my sculpture before the end of that time arrived, “just in case”. silly me, figuring i could force things with art– i kept working and working, and then there were only a couple of days’ work left, and plenty of time. then, as always, life got involved– i hit into a most welcome period of diving work, which was much needed to keep the s.s. rance afloat. a patch of poor weather arrived, keeping me inside and i also had some jewellery work that just had to be done. finally there were only a couple of days left in the year, and i had jackhammers going across the street– so much dust in the air there was just no way i was going to apply wax to the piece. and so, despite all i had said to friends, i ended up finishing this 21 year saga on january 2 of 2013. don’t ask me if i am going to change the date on the piece, because i am just not gonna do it!!2013 3 it was just a day like so many others, but the sun was out and there wasn’t a lot of wind. i washed the piece off in the morning, to get the dust off it, and when it had warmed in the sun, i went out and applied a coat of wax, then wiped it down with a soft cloth to even the wax out, and finally hand-polished it with a piece of borg lining. i know many borgs had to lose their lives to furnish me with this polishing cloth, but it has polished a lot of sculptures, big and small. i always apologise to the spirit of the lost borgs though.2013 1

and just like that– pfffft!!– it was done. but nobody seemed to notice. the school across the street still had the teachers blaring out the names of the children whose parents had shown up to give them rides home, there were still cars driving by and the eternal motorbikes as well. make that “infernal” motorbikes, as they are truly annoying. but i was alone atop an island of marble, the only one with my special knowledge– my sculpture was finished.

of course, i went into an immediate emotional nosedive, a sortuv post-partum depression if you will, and felt lousy and unmotivated, useless. in the end i had to drag myself out of the pit and get back into my life though.2013 7< 2013 4

i planned and held a small unveiling party for a few people, and that seemed to help. i shot these photos i am using here on the day of the unveiling– i shall have to shoot some better ones (at least, ones without the distracting details around the piece) when i can buy one or two large black sheets to hang behind the sculpture, and use some lights to give better detail as well. i may even need some extra sheets for round the bottom of the base, which, when the sculpture is “officially” exhibited will be somewhat “buried” in black sand– this will take out the quarrying holes from the view, and focus attention upon the sculpture itself.

finally, to really “pull myself up by my bootstraps”, as it were, i took the smudgy and much-lined and revised canvas that i had been doodling with for some time. it’s the bare bones of a view of some aspen trees. waaaay back in the 90s i did a small pen and inker of an aspen grove on the property of a good friend. in 2007 i decided to do a painted version of the same. these were both square works, and the painted version can be found in a blog i did some time ago– think it is entitled “gallery” or some such, i forget. anyhow, this was a great piece of work, and it was purchased well before it was even finished. several people have evinced interest in it, but some good friends from texas asked if i would do them an alternate version of the painting, and i agreed.

i put a little time into the sketching of the piece, but i was working away on the sculpture at the time, and so i never really focused on getting anything done with it. aspens 1

however, now with the sculpture finished and me with time on my hands, i could concentrate upon putting some pigment down. i had been planning what i would do– what i call my “tonal progressions”, but until i put the paint onto the canvas i had no way of knowing how they would all interact. at first i was sortuv trying to redo the piece that i had painted so long ago, but this was not only annoying, it turned out to be quite impossible!!aspens 18

this turned out to be a boon indeed, as i felt myself freed from constraints. unfortunately, as always, the piece went through a series of ugly stages before it finally began to exhibit some sort of uniqueness, some bit of life. as i worked more and more on it, the progressions became easier at times, and there have been days of intense painting, working til the light fails and my back aches with standing 6 inches away from a piece of canvas. however, the results have been excellent, and the painting is really beginning to come along now. lots of work left, but take a good look at this photo– more still to come, but it looks all right i think!!aspens 26 it’s now a week or so down the line– i had planned to visit with my techie and get some glitches taken out of the system, my blogs still are not publishing to facebook for some unexplained reason, but i think it is time to just put it out there and do what i can to alert people that there is a blog waiting to be read. i am elbow-deep in diving right now, and so don’t have a lot of time for painting in the next few days, but i wanted to put another photo of the painting up just the same– it isn’t quite current, i have done some more work on it, and i may be able to shoehorn in a short session this morning, but take a look as things progress!!aspens 29

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