um, yeah– there i was during october, making great progress on my sculpture, sure as the devil i was going to be able to finish the sucker off by the end of november, and in the midst of november there was no longer any doubt about it– i was going to bring this thing, this almost 21 year saga, to a close by end of month. BUT!!– and, as pee wee herman is wont to say– it’s a big but!!– life got in the way. suddenly, the anemic offseason was over and there was work to be done.

i had some clients of my own, but there were a bunch of clients i took care of for various other operations as well, and this was truly welcome– the offseason had been quite brutal and long, drawn-out more than a james cameron-directed movie, leaving me to wonder as i always do what the heck i was doing trying to make it in this area, anyhow? and so the influx of money was a life-saver. add to that the fact i suddenly began making some timely jewellery sales as well, and suddenly things were swimming along swimmingly, if i may repeat myself for effect.several months ago i spoke with a potential client about making a larger version of my octopus pendant, an intriguing idea. i spent a lot of time cutting the wax– and cutting another wax– and a third, and even a fourth, before i got what i wanted and so cast it up and began construction– tense stuff, as the process was a difficult one to make happen, but i got it done. meanwhile, it seemed as if i had lost track of my client, as i received no replies to my messages. oh well.

but i had a good friend come to the rescue. this woman has bought quite a few of my pieces, and even before i finished the making of it (as i discovered i didn’t like the scale of the first bale and so did a recast with a revamped bale) “she hadda have it!!”– yahoo!!

all well and good– until i got a message from the original client– oops!! but things are working out with that, and she will most likely be getting octopus #2– i am buying some gold this week, and so i can begin work on it after that. gawd, is gold ever expen$ive these days, and it is going to cost a chunk of money.

back to the diving. had a previous client come out this week, and after a couple of days and a couple of adjustments, he was diving his best diving ever– i salute you, mr allyn– great to dive with you and excellent to have you improve your skills so much.

that finished up a couple of days ago, and i sacrificed yesterday to the gods of expediency, getting all my errands done and trying to take care of all my needs for later on. this left me free to begin working on the sculpture again this morning.

frosting– sounds like something sweet and creamy and soft, no? not so with sculpture. i am using a frosting hammer to texture the sides of the lower base area. a frosting hammer resembles a meat tenderiser hammer, a bunch of pyramid shapes on the hammer face, although the frosting hammer is smaller and made of steel rather than wood or aluminum. what it does is somewhat pulverise the surface of the stone, giving it a “frosted” look– but frost like on a windowpane rather than on a birthday cake. i have had this frosting hammer for many a year, without actually using it too much except to demonstrate it for clients or interested people. i was blithely thinking of a day or so of this work and then getting on with the rest of the finishing process.

and so i got out there this morning and started pounding away– oog, but it wasn’t nearly as easy as i had been thinking, and now with all the sanding, my arms no longer have their hammer “legs”– it’s going to take a few days to get them back. right now i am estimating having to work with the frosting hammer for about a week– but it is having some interesting effects.

next day, and i had a much better command of my hammer after some initial hesitancy. things are going well out there. ordering is so very important– i had to sign the sculpture already, as it was going to be in the area that i was using the frosting hammer. i put the name in there, but it didn’t have much pizzazz, and so i was considering an oval or rounded rectangular border around it. inspiration comes from odd directions at times– a good friend of mine suggested it be more organic and flowing, like the sculpture itself, and so i came up with this– a tip of the old do-rag to you, mr g!!

and today i carefully got deeper into the frosting work, first in areas that were comfortable to me and easier to swing the hammer before going around the signature– there is a little bit above the signature that i am going to wait with, til i get pretty practised at doing this technique.

but i got the call this afternoon and will be heading out to dive tomorrow. i also have to get off island for a day here, so it is going to be a couple or three days before i can get back to work– however, this piece of stone has waited a long time for me already, and it can kick back for a day or so now.

stay frosty, as the dude sez

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