been trying to come up with a snappy title for this new blog, but nothing much has really come to mind– “what a long strange trip it’s been” was already taken, and anything else sounded hokey or overly dramatic. SO– instead, you get this little preamble. am i blue

thing is, i wanted so much to write, and there were a great number of things to write about, however my site just refused to publish to my facebook account, and so outside of a small number of people who actually looked for it, my blog wasn’t getting read. it took some doing, but it turned out that all the recent changes in FB had cancelled some form of a “ticket” to my site, and i had to call in the artillery. my ace wizard jo lynn finally pulled the proverbial rabbit out of the hat, and now things seem to be functioning just fine again– i hope!! this is the first official blog since things were put to right, so we’ll just have to wait and see, won’t we?shades of sergio leone

“twas bryllyg, and ye slythy toves
did gyre and gymble in ye wabe”

was another possible title– in february, my sharkbaiter people came through town, and we went to the north and did a wonderful dive with the eagle rays, while this line from “jabberwocky” ran through my head– it really seemed to describe their motions in the water. of course, that was before we went there again, only to experience some hellacious downcurrents, but ’nuff said about that one!!aspen grove 2013 acrylic 42.5X32.5

i also thought “aspen grove” might make a good title, as it was well underway for the last blog, but things got intense indeed with it, this tightrope line i walk while doing my work, wobbling back and forth between ecstasy and full crash dive depression– “aspen grove” seems pretty mellow, and so does the painting i suppose, but still my site was refusing to publish, and i put that title away as well. my good friends tina and brian flew me up to their home town to bring them the canvas, where it is now ensconsed in their marvelous condo– they all treated me like a king up there, and i thank you here for that– you too, manny and sharon!! the painting looks wonderful on that 1

now i am busy on my new painting, “flowers”– that’s just a working title, i can scarce believe that it will end up being called that, as it is pretty mundane and unimaginative. here you have the bare bones sketch, many hours that took me, my lack of facility in drawing forcing me to be patient and just keep on keeping 9

now it is looking like this– further along, not quite ugly, not quite anything as of yet– BUT!!– i do have a good feeling about it, even in this moment– i feel like these tiny flowers will turn into something magical, the background multi-levelled and deep, textural and daubed with light. stick around, there will be more sometime soon

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