i happened to watch my copy of “bridge on the river kwai” a few days ago, and all week long i have been struck by how relevant a quote those two words are to my life of late. last week, after a long bout of diving almost every day, i had a couple of days sortuv off, and i used the first of them to get back out onto my sculpture. it felt so very good, just to be back cutting stone once more. i got to work on the left side of the lower figure, working in between the arm and the body. VERY cramped place, no room for the chisels at all, losing skin in the deal and everything. once again i was back to basically “gnawing” the piece away, using several rasps and files and a butt-load of elbow grease, to mix a couple of uncomfortable metaphors. i realise now that i really don’t have any good photos of this area of the sculpture, it is the side that is eternally out of the light, like the dark side of the moon, and so i shall have to remedy this soon. but then– “madness!!…madness!!”– i looked at the rib cage in there, and decided that it was just not right, it had to be pushed back a ways, necessitating a lot of cutting in this already difficult area. so far it looks pretty good, but it is going to take a lot of work to make it all happen. i guess that as i push it back in there it should afford me a little more space, but just the same…

and a couple of days ago i returned to the scene of the crime. guidos, where my painting has suffered much damage. no protection has been built, and really it is past the point of survival now. i was asked to finish it off however, and to that end i went in and began my work once more. i have put in three good days of work on the piece so far, and it looks kinduv wonderful. and will continue to do so until it begins peeling off the wall. if it were not for this “slight problem” i would like very much the effect of the blistered-up paint, it adds something interesting to the work, and i plan on using it further when i redo the foliage on the trees.

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  1. Michelle MacdowellAugust 26, 2010 @ 12:22 pm

    Both the painting and the sculpture are looking great, Rance!

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