a classic design classically delineated,
everything it needs to be,
in balance
and harmony

weight- 5 grams 18K gold
dimensions- 18.5mmX25mmX2mm, 3/4″X1″X1/16″

price- $445



Many people love the endless knot design but wanted something smaller and more subtle – this is it. The same cool endless knot in a smaller design crafted in 18kt gold

You can see more detail and stats on this piece here



Just added these beauties to the Store – if you need a gift that is unique and special for someone who is unique and special (yeah, it can be a treat for yourself too – we won’t tell), these earrings are IT. Hand crafted in 18kt gold and 4 choices for backing/hanger types to fit every taste.   See them here



We added the 18kt Buddhist Knot design pendant to our store today.

This is a beauty.

It weighs in at 6 grams of solid gold and the endless knot design is mesmerizing to look at.

This would make a fabulous gift to remind someone your love is endless or a special treat for yourself as a reminder all things really are connected and ever flowing forward yet always touching the past.

Check it out here.