i’m putting all my stars in one basket!!

first, the grand sea star pendant– this design is based upon the cushion sea star, and has a way of attracting more than a casual glance. the richly applied texture gives this sea star a glittery “faceted” appearance, complemented by the smooth reflective contours of the special design “water droplet” bale. this golden pendant is lavishly detailed on the reverse side as well.

allow this grand sea star pendant add some serious SPARKLE to your look!!

dimensions– 1.25″ X 5/8″ X 1/4″, 32mm X 17mm X 6.5mm
weight– 8 gm 18KY gold

my newly designed medium sea star pendant has the same wealth of rich detail as the larger version, and sports a special design bale all of its own and is smoothly polished on the reverse side.

it will glitter and glow over a candle lit dinner or flash like your eyes on the dance floor

dimensions– 9/16″ X 15/16″ X 9/32″, 15mm X 24mm X 6mm
weight– 4 gm 18KY gold

“starkle starkle little twink
how i wonder what you think”–
well, i think that this small sea star pendant is simple and elegant, with smooth contours able to leap from a casual lunch to a gala ballroom in seconds!!

dimensions– 9/16″ X 3/8″ X 3/32″, 14mm X 10mm X 2.5mm
weight– 1.4 gm 18KY gold

sea star pendants


my medium sea star earrings look exactly like the pendant of the same name– lush texture on one side and smooth polish on the other– these medium gold sea stars are like a day on the beach!!
available with posts, posts and nuts, wire hooks or lever backs

dimensions– 9/16″ X 1/2″ X 1/4″ each, 15mm X 13mm X 6mm each
weight– 6 gm 18KY

medium sea star earrings

my small sea star earrings are, once more,exactly like the pendant of the same name– a matching pair that is simple, beautiful, versatile and easy to accessorise. they will look snazzy in diving gear underwater or dining under stars much further away.
available with posts, posts and nuts, wire hooks or lever backs

small sea star earrings

gold small sea star jackets

these small sea star jackets are drilled in the middle, making room for whatever stud one might wish to wear that evening– these ones shown have moonstones, but anything else is possible– diamonds, anyone? ask for a quote!!

dimensions– 3/8″ X 3/8″ X 3/32″ each, 10mm X 10mm X 2.5mm each
weight– 2.5 gm 18KY (jackets only)

small gold sea star jackets

i can ship this piece to you anywhere in the world safely and securely using fed-x. shipping to the continental US is $75. if you live outside the US or in alaska or hawaii please just contact me for a shipping quote.