number four or perhaps dolphin number 3(b)? not sure just how to categorise it, or whether it is important or not, but it was a worthy way to begin this little blog.

i finally got to cast this little sucker yesterday, along with parts for another uninflated puffer fish, several links for another eagle ray bracelet, and some seahorses i plan on messing with in order to come up with a little different design for some earrings and pendant. more on that later.

hadn’t been able to do the cast as i was out to dive consistently of late. the currents are playfully different at times in this season, going from mellow to murderouos, but perhaps the most precise way of referring to them would be “unpredictable”. now, they are always unpredictable, but normally within certain limits. however, at times like this we get huge upwellings of deeper waters that interact with our regular currents in odd ways– they go backwards at times, or one might be trapped in a circular sort of movement, where no matter what you do it is against the current.

i had some friends in town, a family i have known for quite some time now, and we had some fun on sunday. we did palancar cuevas– caves– for the first tank, and the current was going out into the blue, so i had to keep us in some troughs in between the coral heads in order to have it be a little mellower. when we had to cross any open space it got to be a little bit like work, but we did see our fill of turtles out there, and had a grand time. apparently thomas is going to send me some photos of what we saw, so all of you out in the ether may get to see something different as well. second tank was on paso de cedral, and we once more had a good time, with turtles and dog-toothed snappers, toadfish, a nice big fat shark (thanks and a tip of the do-rag to you for that one, ann!!) as we were coming out of the long tunnel. instead of going along further i took us over the small hills to do some of the tops of cedral wall, passing by a small loggerhead turtle– great stuff and beautiful clear water, huge parrotfish and the like. i wanted to go inside to cedral shallows again, but the current was going out and so decided it would be easier going into santa rosa wall– good idea. some schools of horse-eyed jacks in there, a permit or two, and yet another ann find, a turtle on the inside of the reef. we finished the tank on santa rosa shallows, where we came across a vast loggerhead turtle resting out of the current behind a small hill– immense!! and i hear i might have photos to prove it.

but back to the dolphin– i finished up the eagle ray bracelet and got it almost ready to go– it still needs a clasp, which i shall receive tomorrow– and then did a bunch of the prefinishing of the dolphin piece. i was wondering how it would look, and i must say that it does look pretty good so far– as you can see from the pictures i cut down all the pink wax parts, making fins and flippers out of them, and they all seem to fit in with the design. it’s getting down to the nitty gritty, and i shall soon have to decide if this is it, or just return what i have been laboring upon to casting scrap. should i accept it i will have to go further and design a bale (part that the chain/cord goes through) before making a wax mold of the two pieces, so i can make more waxes to cast in the future.

then there is the matter of the seahorses. most people don’t realise that south seas pearls didn’t originally come from tahiti, but rather from the sea of cortez. more than the gold or silver, the spaniards prized these pearls, and when they found them they decimated the oyster beds trying to find more and more– they were that precious and valuable. finally the area recovered somewhat, and over the past hundred and fifty years they have been harvested on and off, with breaks for revolutions and other things, but the beds are now producing once more, albeit in a “cultured” sense more than anything. i plan on using some of these pearls with the seahorses, something elegant and almost retro (if that applies to designs hundreds of years old). but for a while you shall just have to stay tuned to this station for further devellopments in this matter, as this idea is still sortuv amorphous and enclosed in my head– i’ll keep you in the loop

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