WON’T TAKE IT!!”– or perhaps better written as “we seem to have hit a reef!!”. it was some time ago that last i wrote a blog, and it is just about time, don’t you think? now, where was i?…..taco 63oh yeah, “taco 63”– “taco” being my shorthand for the name of this painting, which would actually be “taqueria movil”– “mobile taqueria”.

now, part of the reason i haven’t written in some time is that i was plain busy, diving. diving diving diving diving diving– you get the picture. so much nitrogen in the bloodstream and brain that it sortuv co-opted my thinking for quite some time. but the worst of it is that it really removed me from my painting, all those tonal progressions, and slowly the piece began to get less and less familiar and difficult to connect with– i lost track of where i was going with it in a mental sense–you can take that however you want!!

when i finally started to get a wee snisket of time for myself, i had some jewellery orders and the like, but really i had become frightened of what seemed to me to be an opaqueness in my thinking about the piece. so i began to break it up into smaller parts and try to work on it that way.taco 67i painted the guy in the foreground, beginning with his shirt and then continuing on with the other member of the foreground, the woman. it was slow going, i had to pick my way along, unsure of where i was headed at times, but getting some good stuff here and there. i started and stopped, started and stopped, and really i DID have a lot of orders with the jewellery to do, so in the meantime i brought my new pieces there to fruition– first the 3-D trunkfish and then my big manta ray pendant these are both excellent pieces and i feel very good about the work i did on them, bringing them to a finished state.grand manta ray3D trunkie reverse 1


and now, WATCH OUT FOLKS!!– as soon as i can figure out a away to photograph them, i shall be producing pages and posts on my brand new TINY DRUMFISH DESIGN– it truly IS tiny, and a whole saga in the making as well– a tale of toil and terror and a lot of sore fingertips!!

but that’s a whole separate barrel of monkeys– today i wish to write about my painting and how i am continuing to work on it, despite all the struggling and seeming painting in the dark you might say. i puddled around with the piece, and slowly there was a tiny bit of light at the end of the tunnel, it would seem. i began to see the things that i DIDN’T like about the work, first the dirt area where most of the background figures sit or stand (do you see the dark silhouette of someone behind the woman in the foreground? it’s become a habit of mine to put such a figure into some of my paintings.taco 79but the ground was not a brown i decided– it had to be more green and grey and fit in with the grassy area, and this worked too. now i am starting to add the light areas in the dirt, once more having to experiment and see how it goes, adding and subtracting the shadows all over the place, really in search of arriving where i once was– with a full idea of what is going on in the painting. keep your fingers crossed for me, please–this could be one of my very best if i can only find myself again.morning glory 2013 acrylic 23X60My beautiful picture

and now for some fond farewells– my friends manny and sharon were down to dive this last week, but also to pick up a sculpture they wanted– “water” has been with me for a quarter century plus now, and it is like a good friend who moves away. i know she is going to a great home though, and i plan on visiting her in the not too distant future.

and then in a surprise move, my friends brian and tina, also down to dive, told me they wanted my most recent painting– “morning glory”– i had to hustle around to create a packing tube for it, and was once more a little sad to see it go– i have been enjoying the way the light plays over it during the day, but these people are not too far away, and i think they will see me on their doorstep before too long as well.

i thank you all from the bottom of my heart for your support and praise– i am humbled by it all.


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