and gasped– it was so darn hard!! but i had to reach it, so i stuck one arm up between his legs and the other around his arm, stretching deeply, probing and poking with the tip of the rasp, slowly wearing down the doofus of stone until it wasn’t there any more– one more down, perhaps several thousand to go!!

as this sculpture slowly but slowly– but VERY SLOWLY– begins the slide towards the final finish line i am working much on the surfaces, truing them up and making one line lead into another, sortuv “casual-like”. people continue to gape at me when i inform them that this piece is still far from being totally done– i have been saying “a year, maybe a year and a half” for perhaps a couple of years now– not that i am in denial, far from it!! but looking at it from the outside, most of the major detailing is done, and so it looks pretty much finished to many. ain’t the case, kiddo!! so very much of this smaller stuff remains, and much of it in almost inaccessible areas as well. BUT!!– one thing i continue to see is that, with patience and sheer teeth-grinding periods of scraping and noodling and moving minute particles of stone away, it finally gets done. just this morning i finally managed to move the stone out of an area i had despaired of getting to about a year or so ago. true, my fingertips look like they have been chewed by puppies, but i got it!! this area was between the left calf of the upper figure and the right arm of the middle figure– there is a tight little tunnel in there, but i found a slightly different tangent when i approached it from the other side this morning, and so worked the rasps and files majorly, slowly piling up fine marble dust, sweeping it into a dustpan and storing it away, just in case i ever get a commission to do an actual “fresco”– one makes the finest layer of plaster, the intonaco, using marble dust.

but as usual i blather– i have been working on the surface treatment of the upper and middle figure of late, doing two of the three piercings in there that i spoke of in the last blog, truing up the right thigh and knee of the middle figure, the left leg of the upper figure kinduv on top of it, but a little removed, the “plastic substance” that forms the middle figure sticky and clinging to the upper figure, very diaphanous and almost transparent in places. the inner left thigh of the upper figure is also difficult to reach, and i have to hold myself in contorted postures (comical i am sure– if only there were someone there to photograph it!!), my nose almost in his buttcrack, to get the rasps totally extended, reaching for the final contours.

also hard at work in the jewellery studio, when i can shoehorn in the time. using the diamonds i just recently received, i went out and finished up my new design– the “stock version” of my seahorse/sea star earrings. i shot some truly crappy photos of them which i shall share with you here, only because i love you– oops, that slipped out!!anyways, here they are, such as they are. i must reshoot the photographs once again, using my big SLR, but one of the light units i use suddenly fell apart (down here in the tropics EVERYTHING ROTS and corrodes), a plastic collar disintegrated, and so i must fix that first. however, these will just have to do for the nonce, but forgive the quality.

i have also been working on several pairs of pearl earrings, but they are so darn fiendishly clever and simple (always the product of much hard thinking) that i am loath to post photos of them on my site, for fear of having the idea stolen– i guess that people are just gonna have to come down and visit me to see them– worth the trip, i would think!!

and for all of you who have hung in there with me, here is the “no shit!! fer sure!!” FINAL finished photo of “lily pads”, which i kept noodling with for seemingly ages, touching the lily flowers softly, but finally figuring out that the lily pads themselves had, in comparison, darkened with all the light i brought to the rest of the piece, and so i added a smattering of light to them and it was dundoed, as one of my friends is fond of saying– hope you like it as much as i!!

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