i truly had no idea that i was gonna write a blog today, but from what happened this morning i guess it was preordained!! when i went out to my sculpture studio this morning, toting along all my tools and such, i was presented with this little spectacle– moths balling!! even if i had not written a blog about “butterflies crying, la de dah…”, this would have been of interest. at first i was wondering if it was a mutation of a moth, sortuv a siamese moth, but using occam’s razor i realised that this was quite unlikely. i hurried inside to grab my camera and shot several views, this was the best of the bunch. one was dragging the other around after a while, i suppose the whole “sexual episode” was over, but as my good friend tony would have said– “the claspers were still stuck together”, and as much as claspers are a fish-related thing, i figure this one fits the bill as well. i thought that the ants were going to haul the pair away, but by the time i got out there once again the scene was quiet and empty. tell me– how could i NOT write a blog after all of that?< a>< good news, pearl fans-- the ones i ordered for my new custom-design seahorse/sea star pendant arrived friday last, and i did the work on the piece last sunday, and here it is-- ta daaaaah!! as large as those button pearls turned out to be, they do manage to balance out the sea star above, and i really think the piece will look absoluetly FABU around my friend lauralee's neck. stay tuned though, as with these pearls also arrived my new gold shipment (!!$$$OUCH$$$!!) and some diamonds for the stock version of this piece-- soon i will be finished the first official edition of this long-awaited piece and will be wanting to show it off. be there or be square.

as i mentioned, i have been out working on my sculpture again– finally!! true to form, i baptised it quickly with my blood and sweat, filling my eyes with stone dust– ahhh, it don’t get much better than that, man!! but both yesterday and today i had to FOCUS MIGHTILY– i decided that the time had come to do the piercing in the area between the legs on the middle figure. i have been procrastinating on this for a while now, out of fear– it does weaken this area somewhat, and i was loath to do anything like that. however, the day had to come sometime, and so i girded twice my loins and, trying hard not to speak soprano, i went to work. things have gone quite well these days, and the work is slowly melding together, one detail moving again into another. but i had one huge surprise this morning– when i opened it up underneath the figure’s left leg, they didn’t quite match up!! i was a quarter inch away, necessitating some work to bring both sides into harmony. normally i am very adept at matching the areas up, it was quite a shock. i had anticipated making two piercings in this area, but i now see i shall have to do yet another, smaller one– not today though!!

hmmm, i just reviewed this blog prior to publishing, and for some reason most of the script seems to have been underlined. NO IDEA where that came from, but i am not going to risk all i have made in order to fix it up, so it will just go down as “one of those things”– please forgive, it was not my intention. wish i could say “it won’t happen again”, but that would just be tempting fate, now wouldn’t it? see ya later

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