i have been trapped in a circular wordbooker problem, and had to call in the BIG GUN– ms jo lynn, who proceeded to make her magic and so hopefully this little bloggeroo will make it all the way to the facebook page.

BUT!! this means that my last REAL blog– as opposed to all those other ones that i wrote, explaining why the blog hadn’t shown up on the facebook page, which i have consigned to the deepest locker of davy jones (a tip o’ the do rag here to johnny depp), and which you shall be unable to read– hmmm, where was i again? oh yeah, i have a new blog that can be read now, on my website, so you’re gonna hafta punch a few buttons to see it, but well worth the effort if i remember it correctly– first, go to www.caribbeanrance.com, and then prop your feet up, haul a cold one outta the fridge, and read away on “#34– a thousand pardons, effendi”– let me know how the trip was!!

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