much of my inspiration i get for the creation of my gold work comes from the time i spend diving and guiding people in the teal blue waters of the caribbean. i work as an independent divemaster in Cozumel, Quintana Roo, mexico, and so i would like to offer my service to you on this website.

i handle everything from individual guiding to guiding small groups of divers. the reefs around Cozumel comprise some of the world’s best and most varied diving experiences, whether your preferrence is for the many different hard and soft coral formations and plants, the large and small marine animals, or even the “tiny” creatures one might find. too, it could just be the way that the golden caribbean sunshine flickers along some expanses of the white coral sand bottoms.

the boats i dive upon are comfortable high-service operations, with room to sunbathe or read a book in the shade, plus a real lunch is included in the ticket. all craft have restrooms as well.

and let’s not forget that Cozumel is a very diver-friendly destination in terms of money either– air fares are much more affordable than any comparable place one might wish to dive. i can furnish you with a list of places to stay for any budget too.

if you are coming to the caribbean and are wishing for a different and more artistic experience under the water, please drop me a line using the “contact us” part of the website.

i promise that you won’t be disappointed.


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