i can’t believe that it was over a year ago when i last began a blog. this one was called “if it isn’t one thing it’s your mother”, but it barely got off the pad and i just couldn’t bring myself back to it, for whatever reason. it lay fallow til this morning when i deleted it and began this little message in a bottle.

not that i haven’t been busy– far from it. i finished up yet another painting, this one called “natasha”– i did a pen and inker of this piece way back when, but always wanted to paint it. the subject is someone from my distant past, a tantalising gal i once knew, lost in the river of time now. “natasha” is not her name, either– i used to call her by that though, as in “boris and natasha” from rocky and bullwinkle.
this piece came out of me smoothly and quickly, almost effortlessly– as if i had been doing it for a long time, and i suppose you could say that i HAD.
after some time i began another, a little project i had always wanted to do SOMETHING with– scaffolding!! i’ve always loved the way that scaffolding lays shadows down upon a freshly-plastered wall. BE CAREFUL WHAT YOU WISH FOR they say, and i cannot disagree– just sketching in those interesting shadows took a couple of weeks or so!! after i got to the actual painting though, things went quite smashingly– i was experimenting with a couple of different brushstrokes, and it gave an amazing look to the canvas. then the diving season got more and more intense, and suddenly i ran into a bit of a reef with it. this photo is months old and i haven’t done a single brushstroke since– but i feel i am finally ready to get back into the piece once again.
so, you’re probably wondering what the hell i was talking about at the beginning, with my summer vacation and all. yeah, i salivated for it over a period of months, and when the day came to go i was ready. of course, the day came earlier than expected– three days before the flight i got both a “check in early” email AND a “your flight has been cancelled” email– “EGAD!!” i cried (well, no– that was NOT the word i used)– and frantically did the sudden reshuffle shuffle to get me out of town a day earlier than before.
spent a couple of days in denver with a friend, getting a great feed of SUSHI and SASHIMI in, making some food of our own, and buying lots of stuff– you have no idea all the crap one CANNOT buy down here in the tropics!!
then it was time to go– first up to salida to visit with a friend– the photo at the top is from a lake we would walk by often, a beautiful still bit of water, in places covered with gorgeous green algal SCUM– very photogenic!!
we then packed up and left for yellowstone park. it was a long day of driving, exacerbated by the fact we are both photographers, and prone to yelling– “STOP THE TRUCK!! I WANNA TAKE A PICTURE!!”. when we finally rolled into jackson wyoming there was not a lot of light left– just enough to snag some pix of these loverly swans a-swimming round. they were real hams and hung about for us.
next morning it was off to the park. i had been here for a short time in the mid-70s and then again sometime in the 90s, and had some pretty strong memories of it. WRONG!! so much of what i remembered was, to be charitable, “off”– and usually my memory is pretty trustable. however, we went out and did “old faithful” on a bit of a grey day (all those fires north of us in wyoming, montana and idaho were spewing a lot of smoke into the atmosphere). it subsequently cleared up a lot as our time went by, whether because of wind or diminution of the fire i have no idea.
y’know, if i were reading this missive i would be running out of steam by now,so i think i am going to write this sucker in two parts. you have just arrived at the end of part 1

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  1. Yellow Stone is like a trip into the ancient past.

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