natasha 2012 acrylic 35inX56inwell, “natasha” is all done, and i left the signature where it was– i was satisfied with how it looked. this would be the official pic here.

then came a long patch of other stuff– i have been diving quite a bit these last couple of months, with my “sharkbaiter” group, a bunch of people who come down every year and dive around this part of the year– carnaval. we have a lot of fun, they’re all good divers and so easy to guide. we have dinner together and socialise at times too. the group morphed from just a couple to about six or seven on occasion.

when i had a moment or two i would work on my huge ongoing “negatives” project. this time i was taking selected negatives and cleaning them with a solution and then re-scanning them, and pushing them once again through my photoshop program.aspens 9 i had a lot of success with this procedure, and having more experience with the neg scanner helped me a lot too. in the end i had just a few that i shall have to re-scan AGAIN, trying for better results, but before that i need some help with the finer points of my photoshop program– mostly to take out the odd dust spot or whatever that has remained upon the surface of the celluloid. my computer techie put a couple of helper downloads on my computer, but not having a human close by to help with some points made it absolutely frustrating. looking forward to getting some good help, and i am not talking psychiatrists here!!cupola 1 this one is a composite that i like, although i judge it not to be of any use, unless i was to really “muscle” it in photoshop– but that isn’t much my desire here, much as i might do such things in the future. first thing is to produce my little “internet book” of my older photo images.

i am also back to shooting analog film again, having picked up some infrared film online– expen$ive stuff, but what the hell, it is my obsession. not sure of my results, i haven’t yet developed any of the two plus rolls i have shot, but i am excited to see how it all is coming out.

meanwhile, i have discovered alluva sudden that i am in somewhat of an artistic funk– i am not well-motivated, and there are pieces of jewellery i have not gotten to, despite having the time to do them. i was starting to get worried.

part of it is that i have had someone in my house, painting the interior, and the place fairly REEKS of fresh paint (yeah i know, what did i think it would smell like?), plus the painter is clattering around and the house is kinduv in an odd state. just the same, every silver lining has its’ cloud– err, rather, the painting (which is bringing my little hovel back to being a home again, and hurray for that!!) process has had a fringe benefit. when we moved a piece of furniture around i found a box of slides. i thought it was slides i had already looked at, but yesterday morning when i opened the box i realised it was all the images from a shoot i did many a year ago at an aspen grove. the few images i had of this subject have been fodder for a pen and ink drawing and two paintings–aspen grove 2013 acrylic 42.5X32.5 this one would be the latest. i have had pending requests for more of these pieces, but i was plumb out of inspiration on this subject, but finding these slides has gotten me going on it again. i am going to produce a large piece here, the bull goose loony “aspens” painting. i remember the shoot i had in the grove, how i had noticed that at certain times the trees, which were mostly grey and green in color, would turn shades of violet and purple, and i was looking for this that day. i shot over a period of time, and so i will have some different point from which to start a new painting. looking forward to it.

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