reggae wall, reggae hearti put this image up on my photobucket site and my friend glen asked me for a translation of what it said, his translation via computer being a little inaccurate. i dashed off a quick reply and received from him for my troubles a quote from the belle epoch french novelist mentioned in the title of this piece, something like “do not strive to have your presence noted, but rather that your absence be felt”, and what a great quote to put onto this person’s wall painting. apropos to the memory of mr marley as well. reggaewall 1i believe that the same artist did this wall, although the caption is not nearly as high-falutin’– if i read it right, it says something like “reggae is carried in the soul, the self– rasta isn’t a syle, it is a culture, it’s what you think and not what it looks like”– still poetical though, i think. i shot these images not much looking at the script, and so i gained from having it called to my attention. what i am saying is– thanks glen, thanks for opening my eyes!!taco 54

and my eyes need opening– three months of constant diving have sortuv kicked my arse– the nitrogen builds up and suffocates the thinking to a certain extent, you have less energy to pursue things with the higher thought functions– like painting, for instance. it has suffered a little with the inattention. i would have a day off here and there, but chose to do jewellery most of the time, it not requiring me to really focus past a certain point. i had stuff to do, and mostly it was just work as usual.

then i did have a little space, and i took it and went to merida for a change of pace. it was a very good idea, getting my head straight again and eating some great food, sucking down more than a couple of gin and tonics and watching movies, not to mention that i was able to walkabout in this great town. one of my favorite things to do has always been to walk down to the zocalo– central plaza– in the darkness, to listen to the thousands of birds that roost in the trees overnight, a truly wild mix of sounds all clamoring for attention. i wish i could add in the little video of it that i shot, but apparently it exceeds the limit for this site– RATS!!taco 63

but when i came back again i had a little time in which to get some work done, and i have pushed things forward somewhat– it’s definitely taking on SOMETHING, and i am feeling that i may have a great piece on my hands, if i can only bring the rest of it out.

and then the diving closed over my head once more, another long spate of tanks and nitrogen. i am finally finding myself in a place where i can work again, but the painting seems very far away. i am having to feel my way back into it, fighting to keep my patience and positivity. this last image you see is not quite a current one, i have been working on the two figures in the foreground of late, getting some interesting stuff, but not quite “in the zone” yet. keep your fingers crossed for me, won’t you?

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