of rogues– this post is for my friend saul, who seems unable to claim access to some of my painted pieces via the internet– hopefully this will remedy your problem, saul!!
in all fairness, these first two are not really paintings, but rather some early drawing works in pen and ink, early pointillistic efforts of mine, but i like them and thought they should find a spot here– i do have more photos of these works for those of you who are interested.
then there is this “tweener”– really, it is a painted version of a much earlier pen and ink piece that i did in response to my friend marietta’s wishes, when the original got sold out, almost underneath her nose. in some ways it’s better than the original
there is a fine marina out towards the north of town called “puerto de abrigo”– and i have done three versions of this scene, using the nice little bridge located there as an axis– this first one in 2007.
and then another in 2008, somewhat different, both in composition and also intent, a little different palette too.
some of my work is of a more abstract variety as well– i feel pretty fluid in a lot of styles, whatever it takes to bring life to an idea or thought
and i play with an effect or two– this piece, an allegorical one really, seems to shimmer with the large flecks of color, like late afternoon sunlight.
or this one, the last i think of my “guitar shapes” series, and the only painted version– all the rest were in pen and ink
street scenes fascinate me as well– like this piece, an image of a construction site after some early morning rain. the owner has a personal title for it– “on thin ice”, and i like that view of it a bunch. unfortunately, i haven’t shot photos of all my street scene paintings, or have lost some to computer errors, i truly wish i had some of them back to look at and show you, but there are only a few.
or another painted version of an older piece, a scene from when i lived in colorado long ago– i loved the way the silver of the aspen trees would attain a violet hue in some kinds of light.
and i shall finish it off for this morning with an image from some ruins close by merida, a beautiful cenote with lily pads i loved quite a bit. hope that you can get to this posting, saul– happy as a clam if i can!! catch you good folks later!! all the best rance

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