in fact, most bodily fluids get massaged into or spewed upon a sculpture as it moves from block form to a finished state– i guess that i haven’t ever peed upon the sucker though, and as for…..– well, i have heard that pre-christ christians used to have orgies and then “baste” their idols with their precious bodily fluids. although this is an interesting image and notion, i haven’t done that either. yet.offseason has sortuv descended early upon the island, and so after my morning walkabout, where i have been shooting pictures, i end up in my sculpture studio. i’ve been getting mega-hours in there, concentrated and intense hours, and i have been doing some great carving, unfortunately it may well be wasted upon the viewing audience, as for the most part i have been churning away along the side of the “matrix” area– the part of the sculture that the lower form is embedded in. i have been moving a fair amount of stone, and making these sides a sortuv sculpture in themselves– causing it to undulate and slither like the reptile woman in the peep show at the has a definite movement and flow. now, if i could only figure out what i am going to do with all these quarry holes– when they mine these blocks for sculpture, or even just for cutting into tiles, they first drill a row of holes in the stone before “snapping” it off along this this photo you can perchance see five out of the six holes that formed this line. i guess i can fill them up, but they are going to show somewhat i am sure. my current thinking is to fill them, but to immerse the work in sand when it is finally shown, to a depth enough to cover them up for the most part. this area will be textured with a “frosting” tool or tools, which look somewhat similar to a meat tenderiser, either on the head of a hammer or on the end of a chisel, and it gives a coarse i say, the carving itself has been very good, and i have been going to town on it. here, underneath the head of the lower figure, is a piece whose design i used some gaudi-like notions on– i read an old british magazine a year or two ago that spoke of how he arrived at some of his organic designs. fascinating, it lodged in my brain somewhere and suddenly there it was spewing out, bubbling out, flowing out– the stone cut easily in there, something it doesn’t do everywhere along this bottom part. i think that the heat from the drill bits (even though they use a lubricant/cooler– looks a little like a wax to me, as some of it is still lodged inside those holes) has affected the crystaline structure in there in places, making the stone flaky and unpredictable– stone doesn’t have a “grain” similar to wood, but it does indeed have a way it likes to be cut, only it can change suddenly as you go from one spot to another. i went all the way around the piece, and am doing at least a partial second pass along the sides, refining and modulating, incorporating the ideas that i have evolved during this orbit.but the terror is growing in that little studio behind the blue iron gate at rancho rance-o– this piece is slowly edging its’ way towards completion. when i am finished doing the sides of the matrix area, there are a few little jobs remaining– some repair work, or i guess you could call it fixing up problems which have always been a part of this chunk of marble– a wild quarry hole, for one. but then, then, then it will be time to begin the actual finishing of the stone. this is frightening enough, as you can just imagine all that surface area i must sand– over and over again, with finer and finer grades of paper– i am going to lose almost all the skin on my fingers in doing this, not looking forward to it. but what the hell am i going to do when it is all over? by the time i finish with it, sometime next year i calculate, i shall have lived with it for about 20 years (i bought it and drug it home in january of 1992!!!)– more than a third of my life, if you want to be melodramatic, and my life will be changed when i put the last coat of wax on parts of the surface. mind you, i haven’t worked upon it for all that time– i have had other projects, many sculptures for instance, and my jewellery/drawings/paintings/all the rest of the shit i do, plus i damaged my back somewhat at one time, working on it, very painful and a lot of rehab to restore it to the state it is now (not fabu, but i can live with it), so i put it down for a while. when i was selling my house and moving down here there was a further hiatus– BUT IT HAS ALWAYS BEEN THERE, BEGGING AND GOADING ME, ALL THAT TIME!! what will i do when it is done. a tickle of fear creeps up my spine at times, thinking about it.but enough of my fears, i’m just being obsessive, as is my wont. one thing i have been doing of late is putting together another folder for my photobucket site– this one all about cozumel, and there are quite a few good images in there. i think you could access it by going to and looking up my files via my user name– ranceroo– try it out, won’t you? tired now, i didn’t expect to write this all in one session, but i guess i was ready to put cyberpen to cyberpaper and spew. will talk to you again in the not too distant future i hope

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