well, this is bound to be a bit of a ramble to write, plus most likely a little longish, as i am going to be adding to it during my trip in spain and morocco, will have to wait til i add photos– after my return to cozumel on the 8th of october.

we began by taking an overnight flight to barcelona, a longish affair, and not much sleep– the seat was so small you had to go to the bathroom to change your mind– but finally we arrived, and had no more than a modicum of trouble finding our friends deborah and pablo’s place.

barcelona is a marellous city, full of great architecture and wonderful food. i have always been a huge fan of the architect gaudí, and i had the opportunity to spend an early morning around “la sagrada familia”, one of his major works. his designing neither began the church, nor will it be all the edifice will become (there are yet many years of work left to be done, and they are changing some details as things go along), but it is in great part his design, and the energy contained within and without it seems to crackle and spark. i also viewed some of his other works, but during the aftenoon hours, when the light was lesser and the crowds more dense, so i shall have to return to “the scenes of these crimes” upon my return to barcelona.

also to be seen was the work of doménech, another modernist. his “palau de musical de cataluna”, a sortuv opera house, is a wonder in itself, having a large free-hanging stained glass ceiling (which i crave to see in the daylight, with the light coming in. i went to see a flamenco opera there, a combination of these two stylings– very entertaining, if a little difficult to have a great view of the stage at times. the flamenco dancers themselves were of a couple of different stylings, she– sinuous flowing arm motions and a marvellous way of flourishing the skirt of the dress she was wearing, he– not in the expected tight “suit of lights”, but rather several different loose suits, his arm movements more stacatto and sudden and dramatic. luvley, i sez!! doménech’s work is also to be seen at other places around town, and i shall elaborate upon this later perhaps

great shopping to be had as well– i’m not speaking so much about products as i am about food, the open market i found (mercad de cataluna, if i remember correctly) with the varied stalls holding veggies or cheeses and meats, or fish of all different types and stripes– ahhh, i remember that even the individual heads of lettuce looked like exhibit pieces. and the olives and the oil– makes me salivate thinking about them, insert image of homer simpson here with tongue lolling– allogghegahhhhmmmfthp!!

well, i have made an executive decision here, and i am going to publish this piece now, without imagery– i can always add it in later on. next i shall write about the travels and sights to be found around granada– but that, my friends, will come another day. hope all is well back in realityland– i’m pinchin’ myself here, just knowing i am in spain– toodles!!

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