i thought that, by putting all my seahorse jewellery into one place, you the customer might be better able to compare all aspects of these wonderful gold seahores– appearance and size, modelling and style for example.
here is a comparison shot showing all three sizes i have in my inventory.

to begin with, my GRAND SEA HORSE– many of my designs feature smoothly realised and refined hydrodynamic lines– but this grand seahorse sports textures a-plenty. realistically carved, with a webby, knurled, almost faceted surface, this curvaceous creature fairly dances wherever it might hang, from the high quality sparkly 10 point (3mm diameter) diamond eyes to the tip of its musical tail. a must for all those who value jewellery that ever seems to be on the move. the glittering sculpted bale with heavy rivet gives it plenty of room to SWING!!
and here’s an idea– this seahorse would make a positively SMASHING pair of earrings– you have only to ask..

weight– 13 gms 18KY

dimensions– 1 11/16″ X 11/16″ X 3/8″, 42mm X 19mm X 9mm including bale

my medium seahorse design is the newest in my line of golden seahorse jewellery– you might like to read “zen and the art of seahorse design, a “the making of” story which will give you an idea of how such things evolve.
this is the most fully “realised” version of the design, with a veritable smorgasbord of detailing to make it come alive. for those of you who might like a finely-sculpted piece of gold to wear, this medium gold seahorse would add so much!!
i’d like to add that this design would make for a serious-looking pair of earrings as well– please ask me for a price if you are interested.

this is my original seahorse pendant, a beautifully designed piece, suitable for a pendant or even a charm hanging on your bracelet– i include views of both sides here.

dimensions– 15/16″ X 11/32″ X 3/16″, 23.5mm X 8mm X 5mm including bale
weight– 2.5 gms 18KY

gold seahorse pendants

but what collection of seahorse jewellery would be complete without seahorse earrings? i just happen to carry some…
these are similar to the small gold seahorse pendant listed above, except that the backs are flat– more like 60% “in the round”. the pair shown here employs hooks, but they are available with posts, posts and nuts, hooks or lever backs should you wish.
as an asidemy small seahorses are probably the most “special order friendly” pieces i have in my collection– i have made a multitude of altered designs, using them in multiples or in combination with other gold pieces or gems. I LOVE special orders and creating something new and unique. please get in touch if you have an idea of your own!!
i can even make a pair using the 3-D pendant version of the small seahorse, just please ask!!

dimensions– 3/4″ X 11/32″ X 3/32″, 19mm X 8mm X 2.5mm
weight– 4.5 gms 18KY

small gold seahorse earrings

i can ship this piece to you anywhere in the world safely and securely with fed-x. shipping to the continental US is $75.00.if you live outside the US, in alaska or hawaii, please just contact me to get a shipping quote