ray walston (of “my favorite martian” fame) uttered this line, one i have toted along with me for many a year, and a few minutes ago i accessed just what movie it was. what i came up with was “convicts 4”, which didn’t sound exactly like what i had imagined it to be, but at 45+ years’ distance any view is bound to be a little maladjusted– just like me.

ANYHOW– back to the squirting pickle. living here in the mighty tropics can be sublime, but it can also be quite the pain in the ass. pickles, for instance– i like dill pickles, but they are hard to come by down here. the only good source is a store that handles the needs of some restaurants, but they sell them by the gallon jar, and it is a little expensive. SO– when i saw a different brand for perhaps half the cost i snapped it up– only the pickles themselves decidedly did NOT snap– nor crunch– nor squirt– properly. sigh. it has only increased my desire for good dill pickles……soon it will become uncontrollable.
but enough about ray walston, on with the show– even though i have been up to my butt in diving of late i have still had enough time in which to get some stuff done. i am back to painting away on my lily pads, and am closing in on the finish line. right now i am struggling to get the shadows that the lily flowers throw just right– i like the shade of green they give on the lily pads themselves, but when they shade the water instead the color is a little dark i think, it doesn’t quite integate with the rest. hmmm, must design a different color. the flowers are coming along just fine though, i am working through the progressions with enthusiasm.< and as you can see, i was also able to bring the new seahorse/sea star pendant to a sortuv finish. the pearls you see will be gone, and as a matter of fact, at the moment these ones ARE gone-- but it won't be til next week that the new pearls i have chosen will arrive in town, via a friend. also diamonds and settings for my first official version of this piece, the stock model having but two diamond eyes instead of the 16 you can see here. actually, seeing it with all those diamonds isn't a bad view at all. a couple more things here-- big thanks to my friends the sharkbaiters, who brought me down tons of brazil nuts. i have perfected my new recipe for a pesto, using the brazils in place of pine nuts, and hierbabuena (spearmint) in place of the sweet basil, and a matrix of mostly coconut cream and green thai curry in place of the oil-- damn tasty on toppa penne pasta!! i guess it has given me my dose of selenium for the next thousand or so years as well, i shine in the dark already. last but not least-- plans are once again afoot, watson, for a proposed trip to see the whale sharks from isla mujeres come july-- i'm collecting names now, and checking who has been naughty and nice to grant space to--if you wish to read about this, you can go waay back to my blog 11-- "awww, ratzzz!!!" and see some pix and watch me weep my bitter tears, just like david lindley sings



to begin with, i must say that my last blog didn’t publish to facebook, so anyone wanting to keep current on this should go to my website– — and check out “27– have you ever seen a butterfly cry?”. just like any serial, if you miss a segment you can find yourself in the weeds.

LOTS of diving of late, plenty of clients, and all good people– i feel so lucky at times, to be able to go out and do what i like and make a sortuv living at it– i am blessed indeed!! i did palancar caves the other day, and the light was so perfectly splendid that it didn’t matter if we saw any fish or not, the drama and spectacle of the wall, the coral head structures and the colors just blew us all away. we did manage to see plenty of stuff, don’t get me wrong– several beautiful turtles, groupers, drumfish, crabs, and even a big green moray eel out swimming around– but truly it was a matter of my stepping back and allowing the real star to dominate the stage, to take over– i bow to the majesty of palancar!!

this has not left a lot of time for me to work on my “other life”, though, and so i have been forced to find the time when i may– my rare days off have been times of much effort, and it has been good to me. i worked a couple of days on the painting i wrote about in my last blog (see– i toldja that you needed to read that one first!!), ending up with much more than i had realised– far from removing the reflections of the trees in the upper area, i have merely much reduced them, and now they work much better. this piece seems to be fast approaching the finish line– if i can only find the time to do it in. i shall have some time today, hopefully i will have the concentration in the same place.

these past couple of days off have been spent in casting and soldering together jewellery though. above you can see not-too-current photos of both sides of my new seahorse/sea star pendant. this is not going to be the stock version, but is rather a special order version for my friend lauralee, who lives in florida and likes her !!BLING!! just fine. all the holes in the piece above now have set diamonds soldered into them– 16 diamonds in all. it was quite a day of work, let me tell you!! but just when i figured i was going to finish the sucker– i was putting a pair of dangling pearls below the pendant– i realised i didn’t at all like the scale of these pearls– so i am going to have to order in some other ones and use them. i shall shoot some images of the piece as it now is, so that you can see what i mean, in my next blog.

i still have a turtle cast up, plus another large sea star pendant to replace the one bought by my good friend joey, but today i don’t much feel like getting dirty and filthy with polishing compound, so a-painting i shall go. sometime soon i must return to the sculpture as well, but short of cloning myself with one of calvin and hobbes’ transmogrifiers, there just isn’t enough rance to go around for the moment, and so i must practise my patience. ho hum– or would that more be like “hoon hom”– ent-like patience?