not really, but this little blog will have some interesting “imagery” in it. the past couple or three days i have gotten out into my sculpture studio and made some real progress. i had mostly finished with the upper “surface” of the “matrix material” that the lower figure is embedded in, and i had visions of working once more on one of the figures above this one, but suddenly an area of the lower figure came sharply into focus in my mind– all that work shaping that surface to give myself a little room and space with which to explore really did the trick, and away i chopped!!so here we have it, finally, and i want everyone to think of all those words and get them out of the way right now– butt, ass, penis, scrotum et al– can we go on now? thanks!! a pretty narrow area really , fairly cramped and difficult to get a chisel oriented well at times, but i went to town on it, the contours suddenly springing into my brain, the way that the buttock cheeks plump up at the bottom and curve away, each bun looking different from the other as each foot/shin/knee is differently inclined and so gathers the gluteal muscles differently. not that i am all THAT much of a realist truly, but i like that “lyrical semi-realism (my words)” to sortuv ring out.now here we have a “cheater” photo, one i drew on the sculpture with my charcoal pencil for– a lot of the time all the lines and shapes get washed out in the flat light, so i put a little darkening in some spots to make it a little more obvious. two days of this and i was cranked up, believe me!!

today was a little “weathery”– lots of threatening clouds while i walked around town in the morning, buying some limes for a caesar salad. thought i would get dumped upon, but nope– i got home nice and dry.

out in the studio again– i had watched a movie called “when you’re strange” last night, about the musical group THE DOORS, and when i got things going along i put on “L.A. Woman” for the morning’s first soundtrack, bending my moves along with the music. i passed under the right leg of the lower figure and began work on the side this time, very cramped area and blocked by not only one arm, but also the big stone on which the left leg of the upper figure sits. soon i was DEEP into it, cutting the slowly curving contour lines to the beat of “the WASP”– “we have constructed pyramids in honor of our escaping/this is the land where the pharaoh died”, then shifting over to the softer slotted chisel and blurring the lines once more while the song “L.A. Woman” revved and slowed again and again, the rainy grey tropical day cool and intimate all around me, alone in my drizzly little world.

but a changeable one– i took a break and when i came out again it was sunny. i put on “desire’ by bob dylan– for some reason this album always puts me in mind of those halcyon days i spent in santa fe in the early to mid-70s, and in my mind i was there as i lost myself in cutting along the bottom of the waist and rib cage area. very tough at times, posture wise– there were many moments when i was leaned way over, my arm looped in amongst other marble legs and arms like some mad dish of fettucini, the hammer grasped in my fingertips as i could hardly reach where i the chisel sat, my right thigh and calf complaining, i listened to “one more cup of coffee” and “black diamond bay” spinning tales of adventure and betrayal, the melodamatic tragedy of “romance in durango” eliciting more than one stone-clogged grin.

finally i had to go in again and do a gold cast i had been adjusting the kiln for all morning. two spendid toadfish pendants, one for inventory and another for my friend martha, who was out diving on the boat this week past. rest assured, martha– the cast went well and i did the major soldering in the late afternoon, exhausted, but it will all be finished up tomorrow, waiting for someone from texas to pick it up and tote it across the border next week– it’s a done deal!!

then once more out into the sculpture studio, this time to the sounds of an old kenny burrell album i picked up last week for less than a buck. circa 1963, and kenny is hot, but at times stanley turrentine hooting on his sax is enough to give a feller a heart attack, as i chipped away, finishing up the day with a few fine flourishes. i’m gonna be busy until next week now, with the toadfish finishing and then the big group here to dive on the weekend, but i sure squoze the tube dry today– sorry for that one last sexual innuendo there, but after all– this is the porno channel!!



this character has been floating around in various stages of design and devellopment for some time, but now it has become reality. “standing” on its’ tail in a happy posture, and supported by a special-design rivetted “waterspout” bale, this one is going to jump right into your heart!!

weight– 9 grams

dimensions– 1.5″X3/4″X3/8″, 4cmX1.9cmX1cm

price– $780

we can ship this piece to you anywhere in the world safely and securely with Fedex. shipping to the continental US is $45. if you live outside the US or in Hawaii or Alaska, please just CONTACT ME to get a shipping quote



quite elegant and reminiscent of the work of many famous mexican artists, this simple piece will suit you for everyday use or that special evening with equal measure, quietly demonstrating your taste.

weight– 2 grams 18K gold

dimensions– 1 11/16″X1/4″X3/16″, 4.3cmX6mmX5mm

price– $185

we can ship this piece to you anywhere in the world safely and securely with Fedex. shipping to the continental US is $45. if you live outside the US or in Hawaii or Alaska please just CONTACT ME to get a shipping quote.



i just had a couple of days’ diving with a guy named kadin, a recent graduate open water diver, courtesy of my good friend jordan. kadin and i went out for his first official open water dives, and i wanted to say what a pleasure it was to be able to guide him.

our first dive was on colombia tortugas. the captain didn’t drop us quite in the normal place, and so we missed seeing the anchor in there, but we did get to do a splendid little tunnel that exited out onto the wall of the reef, very beautiful. coming inside we were passed by the big loggerhead turtle i have been seeing in the area for the past few weeks– they are laying eggs on the other side of the island these days, and so we see some of them coming through, but this is a special older turtle, huge and ungainly on land no doubt, but a real mover in the current– powerful flippers moving like automatons, reminding me more than once of an old oar-powered ship. from big we went small, finding a nice little pipehorse, perhaps two inches in length. moving along in there we came upon another turtle, almost directly in front of us, and i could see his face register so many of the great emotions that come from this first direct contact– first, the eyes open widely, and then there is a charge of excitement, followed by a big smile and of course then the water comes into the mask, necessitating a rapid clearing.

but the thing i remember most is that he really paid attention to what was going on, improving his skills rapidly. he got 58 minutes on that dive, and then another 58 on the second tank, which was dalilah, where we began in the deep part, finding another couple of turtles and a nice little nurse shark that swam away from us. i had been hoping to get him a green moray eel as well, and they are in there sometimes, but no luck. crossed over to the main body of dalilah and found a lot of great sea life, including another shark nestled in a trough, out of the current there was indeed a little current, but it wasn’t too bad and kadin did very well with dealing with it. i remember thinking how much i would have loved to have gotten 58 minutes when i first began diving– my tanks ranged from 38 to about 52 minutes, and it took some time before i had learned enough about diving to extend my times much past that.

but that is nothing compared with the second day. i gave him a couple of little tips on diving and he seemed to take it to the max, finding ways to improve what he was doing. we had to stay closer to the main caleta– cove or what have you– as there was some good wind kicking up, so we did cedral wall for the first tank. once again i was looking for green morays, and once more i got skunked– for them at least. but we did manage to come across a few turtles again and a nice drumfish, great big crabs, both midnight and stoplight parrotfish that were pretty massive, and i got one of the humongous groupers that hang around the end of the reef to come close to us, within a couple or three feet, thinking i might have something to eat. sorry, but thanks for the good close pass!!

the second dive of the day we went to do “the mountains of dalilah”, off to the side of dalilah reef, in amongst what are really some hills, and here i found an excellent great big green moray for him. it was actually the one i have called the “yellow-faced eel” for a couple of years now. it has been growing and growing, and its’ face is indeed a much more yellowy color than most of the eels in the area– big face, and sucking the water in and blowing it out as they do– good stuff!!

plenty more turtles, some big ones and even a smaller loggerhead passing by– i kept us to the right on the reef, so that when we arrived finally onto the end of the tops of cedral wall we were in quite a different area. i found that marvellous area with a lot of cracks there, gaps and overhangs everywhere. there are some drumfish in there and even some hot springs, but what we found were a couple of turtles and a shark in the overhang.

but all of this wonderful stuff was eclipsed by the fact he got 68 minutes on the first tank– and then 70 on the second, something a lot of people never see. congratulations, kadin, you were great!!



well, it finally happened– i had thought that the sortuv platform-like area between the body of the lower figure of the sculpture and the edges of this “matrix-like material” had been finished to a good point, but then as i sometimes do i noodled around with it a little bit, which led to an ENORMOUS amount of work, but it paid off in the long run, as this area really reads up as a contiguous “surface”, the edges of which still need some work, both on the outer and inner lines, but b’golly i was finally able to tear myself away from it today. whew!!
then of course i had to figure out just what i was going to do next. my first thought was to get up on top of the piece and begin working on the upper figure once more, but i suddenly got interested in the lower figure once more, but this time in the area of the buttocks, where i had been sortuv stymied for a while. but either i got past my “sculptor’s block” (patent pending upon that pun) or i was demented, because i just waded in full bore there and went to town. i cut a lot of stone out of the area, both between the legs and also outside the left leg of the figure, rounding out those butt cheeks and going a little bit into the waist and rib cage region. suddenly, although it was not like a true epiphany, things were somewhat obvious as to what i was going to do in there, and so i just let myself go to an extent.
then there was the leg itself, specifically the thigh, the left thigh. the lower leg is turned strongly, and it affects the way that the muscles work, and i had had quite the hard time estimating what i wanted to do, but now i just used my newly renovated chisel (slotted flat chisel that i had sharpened until the slotting was gone, had to reslot it) and flew through the stone– the muscle had to turn– just so!! i made quite a bit of progress in there, happily enough. the photo above is not really recent, i shall be shooting some photos soon, now that there is something that can actually be seen– that surface area just didn’t photograph worth a hoot– and will bore in with a wide-angle lens and get something good, if a little bit porno– all those of prim and proper sensibilities should eschew viewing the next time i publish images from the sculpture.
and i should be able to get out there tomorrow again, as i think i am going to be doing a cast and will have to be home to adjust the kiln. i am going to be back at the local restaurant soon again, working on the big painting, which is a whole story in itself, so will leave that one for another time.



i was actually looking forward as of last week to writing this blog– the gloat factor was gonna be immense!! i had planned on going over to cancun and catching the ferry across to isla mujeres (island of women, but not quite what you’d think), where i would be taking a tour out to see the whale sharks. i had gone to see them a couple of times out of isla de holbox, seeing at times 30 or 40 of “the wee beasties” in a day. however, i had heard that by going out of isla mujeres one might encounter as many as 100-150 whale sharks in a day– i was psyched!! i had also seen groups of as many as 70 or 80 cow rays, or as some call them, “golden rays”– not very large, but some photos i had seen taken on the tours out of isla mujeres there were thousands of them, turning the ocean into a carpet of what looked at first like autumn leaves. anyhow, i went to cancun and caught the ferry all right, but there was some weather in the area, making for large-sized wave action, and my wee beasties apparently go deeper when there is weather like this– in other words, the tour was CANCELLED!! as we would see not much of anything and also the small launches can really beat the poop out of one in heavy swells. well. but being one who, upon being presented with limes tends to make a gin and tonic, i decided not to waste my time on the island with a hang-dog expression, but take the opportunity to look around and kick back, something i almost never do. i had for some reason envisioned the island as some sort of a high-end place, sortuv like a mexican vail or something, but nothing could have been further from the truth. i stayed at hotel d’gomar (cheap and clean, narrow and one floor stacked upon the other, prompting me to christen it “hotel d’gomar’s pyle”), right in front of the ferry docks. the town looked more like progreso (port town north of merida, state of yucata’n), only without the occasional bit of interesting architecture. the island is quite narrow as well, and many was the time i would look in between houses to see the ocean. pretty easy to walk around the place, it being sortuv small. one thing that occurred to me was what it must have been like for hurricane wilma– i spent it battened down in my house here as it howled like a couple of locomotives right outside my window for about 62 hours, but it must have been even more interesting to have endured it here on this tiny little bit of land. i heard (but did not see) that it cut another channel through the island– already there is one that separates a hotel from the rest of the land, accessed by a bridge, but that is pretty impressive. had a couple of excellent meals while i was there as well– a small place called “la lomita” furnished a bowl of black bean soup that, with all the extras found in it, could have made for a meal in itself, and the fried calamares were superb– perfectly made. and the next morning’s breakfast was at a place called “rooster”– caffeine starved, it looked like a likely place, and indeed the coffee was excellent, but the food was fabu as well– very well made, but more than that, it had imagination and presentation. but for the most part i bummed around the island and did some walking, as is my habit– it’s a comfy little burg, and i took full advantage of it to sit and watch the ocean and read and even write a letter– doing it analoggy style, with a pen, no less!! so i wasn’t down about the experience, will have to try it again soon, hopefully with better weather– beware, i plan on gloating about this trip yet!! other than that i have been doing a little bittuv diving, this next week could be busy that way, but i have also gotten in a few days’ work on the sculpture, which is going great– wish i could photograph what i have been doing, but it is so subtle i don’t think i could do it justice. i molded up the new dolphin design so that i could shoot more waxes of it, and shot some waxes as well, so i am about ready to do some casting, bring this baby to the finish line, so stay tuned and i shall be sending out a photo for everyone to see quite soon i think. catch you later